Fortnite: Next Week Imperative for eSport Game

Fortnite Fans are trying hard to make the game into an eSport contender. Next week is the Fortnite Pro AM 2018. It is going to mark the popular games largest tournament in to mainstream competitive play to date. If the audience and gamers can show their fandom, then the June 12 game may push Fortnite properly into the eSports realm. To date it has had a few issues with breaking the barrier, unlike some of the other popular games.

Fortnite was not set up to be an eSports competitive game, but fans are trying hard to make it so, and the developers never said they didn’t want it to be in the eSports industry. They just didn’t make it completely for eSports.

On June 12, 2018, over 100 celebrities, streamers, and professional gamers who are world-renowned will be on screen enjoying the tournament. The stage where the competitors will play has a prize pool of $3 million, all of which will be given to charity. The guaranteed winnings are on top of the $100 million Epic Games offered for prizes during the earlier part of 2018 for the various competitions that have been held recently.

Epic is trying to put their “money where their mouth” is and give fans something to be proud of. The developer stated that they are willing to change the game with updates to adapt it for competitive eSports. There are constant changes happening from user feedback, such as new cosmetic items, larger, brand new additions, and limited time game modes.

Early Access was also granted to drum up more interest in the game. The development cycle is never over when trying to make a game fit the competitive industry, according to the developer. Fortnite is at a crossroads and next week’s competition is going to be the “make it or break it” moment.

For several weeks, Epic has released some routine tweaks, balance patches, and items fans want. They sent out a jetpack which helps open new avenues of gameplay. There is also a magazine to help people learn about the updates and what is happening within the competitive industry. Today is a hallmark day for the return of the bound pads, which disappeared after season one.

Epic Games Announcements

Games are live streaming on Thursday mornings, at 4 am ET.

Epic Games also admits there are limitations on Playground mode, with regards to the update, but they are working on it.

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