Fortnite Is the Next Big Game in eSports


League of Legends is by far the biggest game in eSports. Players are getting ready to enjoy the international tournament in Europe, which is the mid-season Invitational. It is the second largest tournament of the year. Overwatch League is also getting ready to begin their championship game Dota 2 is heading into the Super Bowl concept called the International, which will be held in Vancouver. But, it seems eyes are on Evolution 2018. It is happening in Las Vegas in August. Last week, Tyler Ninja Blevins made a recording breaking live streaming video playing Fortnite.

eSports fans were happy to watch Fortnite events through Twitch, which indicates it is becoming the next big game in the industry. Blevins video had the most watchers during the eSports arena event for a single Twitch video in history.

It is why someone posed the question as to whether Fortnite is on the rise as the newest, best game in the industry. Even Forbes believes Fortnite is a game on the rise to keep eSports fans interested. The facts are pretty clear. Fortnite appeals to casual video game players. One of the things about League of Legends is the diversity of players the game appealed to before it hit the eSports circuit.

Some games seem casual to make it, but the difference lies in whether you can make a tournament out of a game like Fortnite or League of Legends. It is pretty clear that you can when you have some viewers to follow you.

Ninja had 600,000 viewers during his play at the eSports Arena in Las Vegas. If a game is not worth watching then why tune in? Of course, this charismatic player cannot make the game become the most significant sensation in eSports overnight, but he can help drive it to popularity.

Fortnite offers plenty of activity including a Premium Battle Pass that enhances the gameplay by providing different skins, weapons, and more.

Teams Sign Players

Fortnite does have a bit to go before it reaches the mainstream, but Blevins is undoubtedly making sure it is not that long of a wait. There are also professional teams forming that are hoping to make a break in the gaming sphere with Fortnite. Team Secret is one that just announced their fourth member, who is a thirteen-year-old. Epic Games is probably going to make some announcements regarding teams and eSports soon as well, according to Team Secret.


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