Fortnite eSports Stars

Fans and pros of Fortnite want it to be a game as big as League of Legends and Overwatch.

Even the big financial websites are talking about Fortnite highlights and hints because it is an important game in the eSports industry.

Dataminers recently leaked season 5 Battle Pass Cosmetics because everyone wants to know what is new.

With such news, it is no wonder that there are some rising stars in eSports that are nearly synonymous with Fortnite.

One of the biggest names in Fortnite is Tyler Ninja Blevins. He has over 9,000,000 Twitch followers on his eSports Twitch account. He also has over 2,000,000 Twitter followers and 14,000,000 YouTube subscribers. Ninja is trying to make the world see Fortnite was an eSport championship ready game.

Tyler is 27 and a former Halo pro, who decided to become the face of Fortnite in 2017. He has become a huge online streamer for Twitch, eclipsing records by offering his daily streams. Ninja even did a duo video for a bit with Drake, which has helped the viewership increase.

Ninja may not be the best player in the world, but he has dedication and over 3,279 wins. He is at the top of the leaderboard for PC players in the world and tends to stream twice a day. Besides his elite skills and work ethic, Ninja is a family friendly streamer, so kids who love Fortnite are able to watch his streams.

Ali Myth Kabbani

Ali is not the biggest Twitch face with only about 3,300 followers, but he does have plenty of play on Twitter and YouTube. Ali is the captain of SoloMid’s Fortnite squad. Myth tends to be the second most popular Fortnite expert. He also teams with Darryle Hamlinz Hamlin. He is certainly the most consistent player in the category.

Turner Tfue Tenney

Turner certainly has more followers on Twitch and YouTube than Ali, and is considered the game’s anti-hero. Tfue is definitely a fan of Fortnite. Turner can also be called the most accomplished player in the world, having won three Friday Fortnite events, and placing forth with his teammate Dennis Cloak Lepore. Tfue has a flashy style that tends to give him some online attention. However, he did get his main account banned due to a violation, as well as trash talking. He is not the most loved, but his style is certainly getting him the views he wants.

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