Fortnite’s Xbox Bundle to Arrive This Week!

Fortnite has been on the fashion forefront for a while now. A game that has successfully managed to draw players by the hundreds of thousands is now leveraging its free-to-play model. There’re no strings attached. Love it or hate it, you remain in control. However, Epic Games’ don’t intend to stop bringing out visually-appealing treats for the hardcore fans and softies out there.

One Bundle to Rule them All

Fortnite: Battle Royale developer Epic Games and Microsoft have decided to pool their efforts in a bid to build a kick-ass Xbox One S Bundle themed after the popular game. News for the bundle came just last night during the Xbox Insider live stream, revealing that fans of Xbox and Fortnite will be treated to the ultimate goodie.

The so-called Fortnite Xbox One S bundle will include numerous treats which will quite naturally excite fans’ interest. Whatever your skill level in Fortnite, you will definitely enjoy the many goodies that come with it! Let’s start listing the treats one by one:

  • 1 TB Xbox One S
  • Fortnite
  • 2,000 V-Bucks
  • The EON Skin
  • Resonator Pickaxe
  • The Aurora Glide

All of these goodies will make you feel really special and deserving and most importantly – truly prepared to take on any in-game challenge, be that Tylor “Ninja” Blevins or DrLupo. But why just enjoy Fortnite when Microsoft are quite so generous in their offer? On top of everything else, you will get a one-month trial for the Xbox Game pass and Xbox Live Gold. This will truly let you experience Xbox as a fulfilling gaming platform.

Speaking of platforms, you can enjoy Fortnite across a real wealth of options, starting with Xbox, PC, Mac, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PS, which juts highlights the inclusiveness Epic Games have been trying to usher in with their game.

Fortnite’s Season Six is Coming

Fortnite's latest teaser for the upcoming Season Six

The latest teaser from Epic Games for the upcoming Fortnite Season Six

If you feel that the Fortnite Bundle is for you, then you will only have to shed $300 to purchase it! You can find it in the Microsoft shop at some point this week or you can check out some of the most popular retailers, which you know for a fact have been providing you with the latest gaming gear.

But has Fortnite limited itself to Xbox? We don’t think so, as the company has been actively seeking partnerships. Just recently, Switch developer Nintendo announced that it’s teaming up with Epic Games to produce a themed bundle for its own platform. The bundle also costs $300 and it will hit the markets on October 5. The game will be automatically downloaded on the console and you will get to enjoy the so-called Double Helix Bundle, a set that is slightly different than what you’ve come to expect from the Xbox one.

The real strength of the Microsoft set are the V-Bucks, which will give you a better shot at purchasing the Season Six Battle Pass – the coveted in-game treat, which pro and amateur both want. For true fans, the goodies revealed by both Nintendo and X-box are definitely something to be looking forward to. And so are we!

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