Fitoussi Accepts Ambassadorship for PartyPoker

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If you have been playing poker online, you have certainly heard the name of PartyPoker – the platform that has made tons of players rather happy by providing stellar gaming options and a variety of satellite events. Its marketing has been on point, too with hardly any misfires at all.

PartyPoker has long been in the public’s eye. Hosting events, organizing online skirmishes, pitting the best and sassiest players against one another. What poker needs to succeed and grow as a game, PartyPoker has been able to deliver. Quite the handful of known names have been joining the organization one way or another. French poker star Bruno Fitoussi has decided to become the latest poster boy, with a flair for showmanship and proven track record in the world of poker.

The Dashing Frenchman Fitoussi

PartyPoker could have hardly made a better choice. If you haven’t heard the name of Bruno Fitoussi you probably don’t speak French. Or haven’t follow WSOP events, or in all likelihood don’t like European poker.

For the rest of us who have an idea Fitoussi is, we do see the point PartyPoker is trying to communicate. Fitoussi’s earnings from live games are not impressive as some of the mainstream players. In fact, a career that spawns 30 years should have yielded much more in the way of rewards.

Yes, he has $3 million to his name, which in Europe – is quite the sum, especially given Fitoussi freelance activities. He has been a poker consultant for casinos and his appearances on dedicated poker shows have also been noteworthy. In a word – he’s rather famous in France if anything.

Then again, if you think that a true pro should have been raking millions after millions, like the venerable Bonomo or the recent Triton Series winner Badziakouski, you probably have a point. But only just.

Fitoussi has transformed himself into an iconic symbol for the whole poker community in Europe. It’s because of people like him that the game could succeed and persevere amid stringent regulations that eventually saw the pooling of Spanish, French, and Portuguese users.

A Light that Never Goes Out

Yes, Fitoussi has been a bright lodestar in the overall landscape of online poker and land-based action. His commitment to PartyPoker is not only a choice to endorse the game of his life, but it’s also an opportunity to do what he has been doing even without becoming an ambassador – promote the value of poker and make it known to others.

PartyPoker were also immensely pleased to announce the addition of Fitoussi, sharing the news on Twitter and conveying their overall satisfaction with both their decision and Fitoussi’s consent to join.

Known for his WSOP success and having been nominated for the Poker Hall of Fame, the Frenchmen is indeed one of the brightest figures out there, a pivot of poker the world over and one of the natural heirs of the game. PartyPoker could have hardly done a better choice then stopping their pick on Bruno Fitoussi.


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