Fantasy Sports Requires Skill According to a New Study

Daily fantasy sports is a hot topic. Plenty of places around the world are attempting to figure out if the game should be legalized or if the laws need to catch up to include it as a mainstream concept. A new study conducted by a professor at Kansas State University lobbies for daily fantasy sports as a skill game and not one of chance. The article will be published in Journal of Sports Science, and it is asking that Kansas Legislators change the laws to provide a better definition of what is and is not gambling.

The study examines that an individual may or may not participate in fantasy sports can have a massive societal and economic impact. The games are not made up of chance winnings; part requires skill. Unskilled participants are unable to win because they are unaware of what it requires. There are high probabilities someone with skill is going to be a winner.

Professor Todd Easton and co-author Sarah Newell reached their conclusions by simulation. They created an unskilled participant and skilled team to see who would come out with a better payout. The skilled participants in their study more often won than those without skill. The authors close their statement by stating that elected leaders and judges need to define what is and is not gambling based on studies. One paper may not change the minds of those who make the laws, but it is going to help show that perhaps the thinking is wrong.

States Adopting DFS

Multiple states and countries are attempting to remake their gambling laws and integrate daily fantasy sports. Kansas is just one state that people who enjoy fantasy football are trying to get to change their laws. Already, some locations are having luck with adding daily fantasy sports to their laws and making it possible for people to play the game with wagers.

Canada believes fantasy sports should be available to customers and recently a company gained a license to ensure Canadian residents could enjoy the game. The license and platform were made available in March for Canadian residents.

Pennsylvania backs Daily Fantasy Sports with their new legislation too, which is making people happy in that state. Massachusetts is also working on making a Daily Fantasy Sports law to permit the style of gaming.

Despite some states being able to change their laws, there are still issues with sports betting and whether daily fantasy sports wagers count as sports betting.

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