FA Cup Final Review

The English Premier League reviews have all been for Manchester City, with Manchester United in second place. The FA Cup Final review shows that plenty happened between Chelsea and Manchester United. There is also talk about Antonio Conte playing his last game with Chelsea.

Chelsea was able to get the goal that would win the final game of the FA Cup. The defending champions did not qualify for the champions league, which was a disappointment for the team.

Chelsea may lose Eden Hazard to another club, and they are already going to miss Antonio Conte, according to the news sources. But at least Chelsea won the FA Cup Final.

So what are the details of the game? Well, it might not be what you hope for. In prior FA Cup Finals, you might have wanted to see the game live, be right on hand to see the tense moments, but this final was perhaps a little less than stellar.

United was showing poor skills, with too many of their players looking tired and unable to play. Nobody on the Manchester United team was able to score in the first 45 minutes, and there were quite a few shots that were almost goals from Chelsea. A penalty shot in the first half helped solidify the game for Chelsea, and Hazard finished up the game with a goal that made sure the team won the game.

Mourinho lost the cup final, and it is the first time that has happened since being in charge of an English team. He won six previous cups and unfortunately the game puts the United team solidly in second place for the English Premier League.

It should be noted that the United team was 19 points off the win before the FA Cup Final.

Conte and the League

Conte did not qualify for the Champions League, which puts him in a position to get the ax. Conte does not seem to have played a good game for the season, which is probably why he is going to step out of the team, and Hazard may also go. Despite the win, which is Chelsea’s eighth FA Cup win, some of the players may trade teams or give up playing for English teams.

Whatever happens with team members and managers, one thing is for certain Chelsea game to play the FA Cup for the win and they did so against the second English Premier League team, Manchester United.

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