European Soccer Teams Reportedly in Talks about Super League

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New information has surfaced that some of Europe’s best-known soccer clubs got together and held a secret meeting considering the creation of a new European Super League, the German daily Der Spiegel reported.

A European Super League, Who Wins?

According to respected German newspaper, citing Football Leaks’ documents, a number of clubs are planning to join a European Super League in 2021, which could lead to a separation from national leagues and football association. The teams will instead focus on this newly-created structure and play between themselves.

Der Spiegel’s revelation did not cut short there. More documents showed that Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain have avoided financial action against themselves by reaching out to FIFA president Gianni Infantino in relation to broken financial fair play (FFP) rules.

Manchester City have turned down a BBC’s request for a comment. According to the current leaders for the English Premier League (EPL) title, the documents were most likely stolen and the statements were taken out of context.

However, Der Spiegel argued that the documents had not been stolen and there was no infiltration on any level, let alone digital. The newspaper added that it relied on its network of loyal informants and connections in order to deliver relevant and truthful information.

As the Der Spiegel report stands, many clubs, including Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus and several others have joined the talks about the upcoming body which would reportedly emerge in 2021.

As mentioned, part of the discussion was focusing on considering that clubs leave their national competitions and associations in order to joint the super club. According to the newspaper, overall 16 clubs have been invited to join the new organization.

A potential European Super League would include 11 founding teams, the newspaper report continued, and there will be five teams that will be added as “guests”. So far five have been named with participation from Marseille, Inter Milan, Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid.

These guests will be joining the above-mentioned teams along with more known names around European soccer until such a time that the quota is completed.

Infantino in Bad Light Again

More disconcertingly still is the secret power brokering that may be in play at the highest level of European football, an accusation which doesn’t strike as improbable given FIFA most reason spate of scandals, stripping the governing body of any credibility whatsoever.

As the Der Spiegel reported, Infantino had made it possible for Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain avoid stringent financial sanctions over last-minute changes in sponsorship deals and concerns about financial fair play.

At the time of the misconduct, Infantino was serving a stint as UEFA General Secretary and helped write off substantial fines issued to both teams.

Paris Saint-Germain however have denied any wrong doing, saying that they have complied with the law and there was nothing disorderly in the way they had handled their partnerships in the past.

The information Der Spiegel has access to is vast. According to the newspaper, there are 70 million documents available and 3.4 terabytes of data, all provided by Football Leaks.

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