European Poker Tour €5,300 Main Event Down to 13 Players

The EPT Barcelona has been quite the outstanding event. Loads of players have turned up for a shot at conquering the heights of the event, which promised varied and definitely substantial awards. However, not everyone has been fortunate enough to make it through. This won’t stop the final 13 at the EPT €5,300 Main Event from trying though.

Down to the Last 13 Players

The 2018 PokerStars European Poker Tour €5,300 Main Event is inching to a conclusion. The event had an overwhelming amount of entries. An unprecedented 1,931 players had decided to try their luck and test their mettle at one of the world’s most prestigious events held in Europe.

Many people made their intentions known by lingering to the very finish, with Pedro Marques from Portugal leading the pack, and to put it quite simply – he’s closer to bagging over €1.1 million in cash money than anyone else at this point. Marques is now standing at 9,150,000 chips and he is being followed by Fabiano Kovalski with his 8,745,000 in total chip count.

Meanwhile, more competitors are shaping up as true challenges with Rodrigo Carmo, Matthias Tikerpe, and Haoxiang Wang following them closely on the tail. Even though the Bulgarian, Ognyan Dimov, is somewhat far behind at 3,100,000, there is hoping that after his Deauville title in 2015, he remains one of the most serious challengers on the table.

Other notable names include Vicky Coren who has a series of titles to her name already. Many eyes are now on Dimov who’s bringing up the rear, but still seems to be a lurking danger in the race for the big money. And knowing Dimov, he’s nowhere likely to go down without a fight. Polite and suave, the player has demonstrated exceptional skill time and again.

However, everyone still in the competition has definitely something to be happy about. The minimum amount everyone can walk away with at this point is €88,250, which may not be much by poker’s standards, but it’s definitely not a negligible sum. Those who make it within the first six places will receive a fair bit more, though with €287,050 promised to them.

EPT Barcelona – Quite the Spectacle & Premium Passes

Backed by PokerStars, EPT Barcelona is no random affair. The world of poker is definitely well-connected and there are very palpable links between separate events. For this particular reason, players who have made a name, and continue to do so, for themselves during the EPT Barcelona will be on the receiving end of PokerStars’ Premium Passes that will see them clear to The Bahamas event, which will be held early next year.

PokerStars has already allocated over $4.5 million in Platinum Passes this year to incentivize skilled players to participate. Poker is a particularly skill-focused game, which means that your ability to play the cards alone can take you to the very top and fetch you tidy sums.

Of course, as the competition intensifies, these prospects are becoming more unknown. And yet, there are names in poker who have done extremely well for themselves.The StarsGroup remains as one of the most active sponsors of poker worldwide, continuing to fuel some of the best poker action out there.

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