eSports Streaming Broadcast Gains over 600,000 Viewers

eSports fans like updates for weekend tournaments, and it seems like enjoy watching the streaming shows—one in particular. Ninja is a favorite Fortnite streamer. He was at the Las Vegas show broadcasting to thousands of fans who wanted to keep updated with last Wednesday’s tournament.

The tournament was held at the eSPorts Arena in the Luxor Resort and Casino. It is the new event center designed to ensure eSports fans have a way to watch their favorite champions play in tournaments. The event was streaming live on Twitch, showing Fortnite players battle it out.

Tyler Ninja Blevins continues to be one of the top people using Twitch stream. Last month, he shattered a streaming record with 600,000 views. In March, he was streaming rapper Drake and JuJu Smith-Schuster, from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Travis Scott was also on his show. It helped Blevins rise to number three on the list for March with the most social interactions.

He was just behind LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo. Blevins is a gamer. He goes head to head in tournaments, which is what he was doing during the Fortnite event, while also streaming his performance on Twitch.

The viewing record for Twitch and eSports broadcasting has been broken because of this latest event. He gained over 667,000 views while he was playing.

Ninja said to ESPN that he is not letting these views go to his head. He is still an ordinary guy who has to pick up his dogs when he goes outside. Ninja loves gaming, and it has given him a way to use social media effectively.

Fortnite Popularity in Vegas

The popularity of the event with Ninja on the streaming channel is also helping Fortnite rise to fame. It is a battle-royale style game. Everyone likes to play, whether they are pro gamers, college students, or athletes. The game is different from other modern options available.

Ninja did not think Fortnite would rise in popularity as it has. He didn’t consider it would ever gain attention like League of Legends, but it certainly has. Even the younger audience is happy to watch, which is something that happened with Minecraft.

The event earned competitors money, with Ninja as the primary focus. If competitors could find and kill Ninja’s character they would receive $2,500, plus an additional $2,500 if they won the game. The competitors also had to spend $75 to play in three games. Ninja won one out of nine games, and finished second twice.

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