eSports Membership Up at OU

ESPN missed an eSports opportunity, but OU is not. ESPN has offered a streaming service for all sports fans, but it does not include eSports. Oklahoma University can tell ESPN that they are missing out on making money through sponsorships and advertisements. Plenty of people are interested in watching the sports, perhaps because the athletes who have brains and coordination are finally gaining recognition.

Isaac Gilton makes history in eSports, which may help increase interest even more. Gilton is just one of the names in eSports that has been rising of late. Several kids have made the news, including one young high schooler living in Canada gaining a new sponsorship deal with a local team.

With all the good news, there are some who do not get the glory they were hoping for, at least in the way they desire. While the Pac 12 idea cannot succeed it does seem some places are seeing an increase in eSports interest. The PAC 12 was supposed to be a Western conference that would bring several universities together for tournaments. It may have been a pipe dream, but OU eSports is gaining new members, and seeing success in tournaments.

David Kaucic is just one of the names that will be making waves in eSports. He sat down on a Saturday morning to take part in a tournament. In the library, with friends and teammates, Kaucic started representing OU. It was a tournament he had worked hard toward for several weeks. He and his team played the League of Legends video game as part of a recreational league.

The team has not been together long, but they made waves. They were able to make it into the top four during the February and March tournaments. They played during the playoffs on April 7, 2018. The team did struggle to get into fourth place, but getting to the playoffs was feat enough.

Getting Recognition for Hard work

Kaucic and his teammates are getting recognition for their hard work. They were competing with other Oklahoma teams and representing their university. Kaucic is a sophomore who is studying chemical engineering. He is one of the first members of the team; having joined the year the eSports association began. He has also been the consistent team member in the League of Legends team. The roster changes based on the teammates who are most likely to help during the tournament. The OU eSPorts Association is hoping to be a part of the industry growth and help foster a new community at a university.

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