eSports Integrity Coalition Alert Network Proven

The eSports Integrity Coalition formed to use an alert network to ferret out suspicious betting in the industry. The system found an improper betting pattern in a DOTA 2 match. When the investigation was complete, one player was suspended from eSports because this person was betting that his team would lose. Redbull’s predictions did not include trouble seen by eSports Integrity Coalition.

Redbull has a website that offers predictions for the eSports industry, often providing odds and information on the teams playing and how the industry may grow. The company certainly did not predict there would be issues with match-fixing, allegedly.

The eSports Integrity Coalition is still looking into Jose Gianmarco Durand Cornejo, known as gianDK for match-fixing. Most people might be willing to say he is guilty and deserves the suspension, but only time will decide if there is evidence to support the claims.

GianDK has competed in DOTA 2 matches for a while, playing for Thunder Awaken. He is considered a professional athlete in the eSports industry. However, during the JoinDota League Season 12 match as part of the Americas Division, with Morty and Thunder Awaken, a partner of the eSports Integrity Coalition called about evidence showing improper betting patterns.

The coalition immediately spoke with organizers working at JoinDota and decided to suspend Thunder Awake to ensure a proper investigation took place. The issue happened on February 23, 2018, and now we are privy to the details. According to the information, gainDK confessed to the crime and said he was alone that his teammates did not know he bet against them.

GianDK apologized publicly to his teammates and admitted the mistake. Unfortunately, it does mean Thunder Awaken is disqualified, and Jose is banned from any joinDOTA events for two years, as well as Freaks 4U gaming events.

The Coalition and Partners

Rivalry is the latest company to join the eSports Integrity Coalition and sign the Memorandum of Understanding. It is not known if this is the partner that found improper betting. The coalition has more than one partner and ensures that everyone they work with signs the memorandum of understanding to keep eSports above board.

The recent incident is painful for those who enjoy eSports. Many hope Jose has learned his lesson and will never act in such a way again. There is also a lesson here that even if his teammates were part of it—no one should cheat or bet on their team because it is wrong and will be reprimanded.

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