Esports Inching to Olympics Thanks to Spot in East Asia Games

Esports Inching to Olympics Thanks to Spot in East Asia Games

While at present we cannot watch the world’s best gamers battle it out on platforms such as the Olympics, the fact of the matter is that gaming is slowly but surely being recognized as a sport in its own right. As a matter of fact, the games that will be taking place in Asia later on this year will be the very first to showcase an esports event at the Sports Championship, second only to the Olympics itself.

This Year’s Games

At this year’s Asian games there will be 40 events with participants from across the globe battling it out from the 18th of August to the 2nd of September. The games will feature all the usual suspects such as gymnastics, tennis, and swimming; however, it will also feature less mainstream activities, as well including 3-on-3 basketball and BMX freestyle.

It is important to note that while esports will be included as an official event at the Asian games, it will only be shown as a ‘demonstration’ event. Only in the 2022 Asian games, will esports officially be recognized as an event where individuals may receive medals for their efforts on the day.

The Games That Will Be Included

Just this week the Asian games released the list of games that will be played in the esports categories later on this year, Some of the more notable options include League of Legends, Starcraft II, and Pro Evolution Soccer. Due to popular demand two mobile platforms have been included as well, they are Clash Royale and Arena of Valor.

The games were chosen according to a set body of criterion established by the Olympic Council of Asia who chose to set each possible option against factors such as morality and the likelihood of foul play possibly occurring. On the one hand games such as League of Legends have a well-known and respected fanbase as well as established masters within that game; on the other hand, though mobile games had to be included due to a fast growing presence and adoption of mobile games globally.

It was deemed inappropriate to include games that were based around violence, or displaying unethical actions therefore games such as Call of Duty will not be in attendance as yet. The Asian games are hoping to test the response of the public based on the inclusion of esports at this year’s games in preparation for 2022’s big display. Well we hope it goes well and we can’t wait until we get to see the players in action.


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