eSport Gamers Could Be Elite Athletes with Brainwave Analysis

Telefonica, the Spanish Telecoms Giant, is looking at emotion and performance maps of the brain to help answer the question of whether brainwave analysis could help eSport Gamers become better athletes.

eSports allows gamers to be digital athletes, with salaries of over a million dollars. Telefonica is cutting checks to some of the top gamers to help figure out if players can optimize their skills. The Big Data Unit is called LUCA, named in 2016 as part of a way to support eSports gamers, businesses, and new social initiatives.

Data scientists have already helped some athletes increase performance and track their brainwaves. La Liga Footballers can analyze images from matches to offer better performance. A cyclist was helped in Vuelta a Espana by better training and performance monitoring. However, the telecom company states it is in eSports that their tech will be the most helpful.

By finding key events that show unstable patterns or changes during gameplay, eSport gamers can become elite. Plenty of euphoria goes on at the matches, so looking at the minute details can be a win for the players to see why they are playing well or not.

History Of eSports

eSports is not a new concept. In fact, in 1972, Stanford hosted the first video game tournament. The winner gained the “Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics” prize and a Rolling Stone magazine subscription.
Several decades later, eSports revenue is at $696 million, with an audience of 385 million people. These details come from Newszoo, a market researcher. Telefonica started their journey into eSports in 2017, using their Movistar subsidiary. The Movistar Riders team focused on Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, and FIFA; however, LUCA examines League of Legends, which is the top eSport.

The best players compete in a five-week-long tournament. Over 100 million gamers also play each other each month, with two teams of five people, who try to destroy the other side’s players and base. Riot Games stated 57 million or more individuals watch the tournament finals to see who is going to win.

With revenue and interest in eSports increasing, it is essential to have methodologies much like the strategies found in football and baseball. Telefonica hopes to be the strategic base for these players, but it will take time. Their data analysis will need plenty of input before it can be beneficial to the players. The eSports could see changes in the near future.

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