ESP Gaming and Poker Central Provided a New Home

ESP gaming and Poker Central built a new multi-purpose studio. It is located in the Aria, and it will record and broadcast eSports and live poker.

Engineers constructed the new studio at Aria Resort and Casino, which is located on the Las Vegas Strip. It is the home of Poker Central. Poker Central said they were always going to have a custom-built a studio that would offer PokerGo exclusives.

ESP gaming became part of the Poker Central plan during Christmas. The partnership is why the studio is multi-purpose. Space is 10,000 square feet, which can host 300 people. It is already going to be the home of Vainglory Premier League, which will host live eSports. Vainglory is a mobile eSports league that was created by Super Evil Megacorp.

eSports tourney organizers say the event space will allow them to film the events and then share them live via the Internet. ESP Gaming President, Jeff Liboon said the smaller venue helps them focus on the VIP experience, versus overwhelming for fans and players.

Poker Central and PokerGo are breaking into the eSports world with the multipurpose venue. Chances are they realize just how profitable eSports is becoming and that they need to get into the game while they can.

Beyond eSports Events

Poker After Dark is going to be the first live broadcast that PokerGo will provide from the Aria’s new multipurpose room. The studio will broadcast the tournament on May 16, 2018.

The Aria’s new studio is the second to be constructed on the Las Vegas Strip this year. There is another one that provides poker live. The eSports Arena Las Vegas at the Luxor offers live poker tournaments. The arena is a collaboration between the Luxor and MGM Resorts International, plus the Allied eSports.

Allied eSports is a subsidiary of Ourgame International Holdings. They are the owners of the World Poker Tour.

Adam Pliska plans to use the various Vegas locations, including the new Aria studio for the World Poker Tour. They will host a game plus make sure fans can watch it live from anywhere. Pliska stated it was part of the 2018 plan to integrate eSports and poker as a way to provide value to those who play.

The kids who stay at home because they do not have a place to play or spend every waking hour at Starbucks can finally come somewhere, be accepted, and enjoy eSports.

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