EPT National Concludes Season in Prague this December

The year is drawing to an end and with that, the European Poker Tour (EPT) will be concluding too. Come join the decisive leg in the Hilton hotel in Prague from December 7 through December 18.

The EPT National and Tournament Conclude

The EPT festival is quite the event in the world of poker. It commands significant interest among participants and aspiring poker pros. With 43 events in the two-week festival, there will be quite a bit to do if you want to turn your entry-level money into something more substantial.

Do keep in mind, though, that, the opposition will be no less cut-throat than such an event presupposes. The entire festival is expected to pivot around the EPT Prague €5,300 Main Event, which will begin in the final week, running from December 12 through December 18.

The main event will have a solid entry level, but it will also promise quite the decent reward, too. Last year’s event brought the then-winner €675,000 with Kalidou Sow walking away from the competition significantly richer. This year, there will be a number of specific competitions that poker pros of all stripes will want to attend.

Understandably, though, as the crowning festival of the year, the buy-ins will be significantly larger, making it rather difficult for anyone on a budget to compete at the present levels.

The competition will feature a €10,300 High Roller event. A separate €1,1000 EPT National will run, which is among the more accessible competitions to take place this year.

If you are looking to truly play with the high rollers, then you will definitely want to pick the €50,000 EPT Super High Roller event or go for the €25,0000 Single-Day High Roller. If you are looking for other events that will definitely catch your eye, you will want to check out Event 26 and 34 with an entry level of €10,000 each.

Your Chance to Get into the Competition

Ahead of the competition, PokerStars will provide you with numerous opportunities to win satellite events and enter the Main Event. The buy-ins are not exactly negligible, but at €250, it’s still a fair trade-off if you know how to blast your way through a number of eager competitors who want a piece of the action as well.

If gamers are not particularly fond of the main events that demand quite a bit in the way of investment to participate, the Grand Ballroom will host a number of events which will be accessible at both high and low stakes.

The European Poker Tour has been definitely making headlines in the recent months. From Barcelona to Prague, the competition has been reuniting top talent from the European poker world and beyond.

Driving talent to the table has been PokerStars’ unique way of doing business. By expanding the popularity of the game, Europe has been seeing more noteworthy poker competitions year in and year out. And this is very likely to continue as part of the EPT series and beyond.

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