EPL’s Sunday Maddness: Arsenal vs Everton


Arsenal and Everton will not be a highly-contested match, some suspect. But given Arsenal’s own imperfections in their game, it may quickly turn out to be among the less successful games for The Gunners. Everton have small chances of success and almost a certainty of adding yet another loss to their imperfect track record. What if things happen differently than expected, though?

Everton’s Standing Strong against Arsenal

It’s clear that Arsenal is slated to be the favorite in the upcoming match against Everton. Nevertheless, there are enough reasons to hope that the return of Richarlison, following his three-game ban will improve the team’s lot. Everton’s Silva has time and again repeated that Richarlison is one of the most important players for the team and without him, the whole squad has been known to struggle. Nevertheless, with the man back at the helm, it’s all going to be alright, Silva thinks.

Meanwhile, Arsenal have been fighting their own battles. Beyond the English Premier League (EPL), they have participated in the Europa League where they managed to win over Volska Poltava with a somewhat contested 4-2. Let’s take a look at the statistic real quick and see what they say about the upcoming competition today:

  • Arsenal have hosted 24 home games against Everton ad they remain unbeaten. This is a tall order for Everton indeed, given the impeccable track record of The Gunners.
  • Arsenal have no draws in their last 21 games, which means that the game against Everton will most likely finish in a defeat or victory.
  • Arsenal is one of the EPL teams to score the most points on their home turf.

The stats is definitely not in favor of Everton here and this Sunday will probably justify the negative outlook for the team. However, nothing is yet decided.

Calling it a Day for Everton

Everton haven’t been beaten a lot, but they haven’t been winning much too. Arsenal may have let their side a few times, but they are still the better team in many expert’s opinion. This is unlikely to change overnight. Everton can possibly hope for a draw in the game against Arsenal. This is the most realistic forecast that they can have for themselves.

Anything beyond that could come across as wishful thinking. With Arsenal slowly, but steadily finding their proper pace of play, it’s unlikely for Everton to have many chances to fight The Gunners back.

The most likely scenario is for Arsenal to win in a 2-1 scenario, which will definitely reaffirm Arsenal’s recentl, and somewhat shaky winning streak. If The Gunners want to be, well, top guns again, they will have to maintain their winning score and inch up from 7th place in the EPL’s overall standing.

Everton, on the other hand, are 10th in the overall standing and they do seem to be in a better position that the majority of the teams, but there is still too much uncertainty surrounding their game. The restoration of their full roster may indeed prove to be quite the event in its own right, but will it be enough?


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