EPL’s Liverpool Earns Most Money in 2017/2018 Premier League

The highly-contested world of the 2017/2018 Champions League offers excellent opportunities for the participating teams to win. As it turns out, even established teams have been failing to monetize well on their involvement in the competition, as is the case with Manchester United from the representatives of the English Premier League.

Liverpool’s profits Soar, Manchester United’s Plummet

When we talk about the English Premier League (EPL), Manchester United and Liverpool are names that definitely ring familiar. According to the latest available data, these two teams of the EPL have performed differently in the last edition of the Premier League in 2017/2018. Liverpool managed to earn roughly $92 million, outpacing Manchester United quite markedly.

The Red Devils, conversely, raked in half of that sum around $45 million. Part of the higher performance for Liverpool was because of their opponents who were also quite the established names in their own right.

Liverpool got to play against Real Madrid, Roma and Manchester City who generally excite more interested and help the team monetize from viewership than the teams Manchester United got. The Red Devils ended up playing versus Basel, CSKA Moscow and Benfica.

At the same time, Tottenham’s performance in the Premier League was outstanding enough, earning the team the largest bonus worth almost $10 million. Even though the Hotspurs didn’t get very far, they still managed to overcome a fair field of competitors and showing a level of play that was markedly impressive.

Speaking of the power of clubs to monetize from big championships, the Blues from Chelsea managed to rake in as much as $45 million just from TV revenue, which already outdoes what Manchester United claimed for their overall performance. Overall, Chelsea added £150.8 million , and that’s something.

Performance and Money Go Hand in Hand

As other popular structures, performance and money often go together. The Premier League has proven to be the most generous towards the winning team, Real Madrid, who quite unabashedly added $100 million in overall proceedings to their team’s name.

UEFA has been dishing out big money to clubs with the overall numbers standing at $1.6 billion, including $765 million in TV revenue. The competitive world of football or soccer, as it’s commonly known here, has brought significant profits.

Soccer is admittedly more popular worldwide than our homespun variety we call the NFL. Unlike the NFL, UEFA has been quite adept at capitalizing on the popularity of the game, expanding to new markets every year and now the beautiful game is easily popular and watched in every corner of the world.

Soccer teams have also turned out to be particularly good at capitalizing on their brand and awareness, reaching out to new, previously unexplored segments. The EPL, for example, has expanded into electronic sports in the hopes of reaching a new demographic group with plenty of disposable income.

Liverpool and Manchester United have not been English Premier League teams with esports squads, but this is about to change with the latest partnership between EA and the organization.

Other teams from the United Kingdom, however, have been active in the segment, particularly West Ham and Manchester City.

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