EPL Round Up, Chelsea and Manchester Football Drama

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The English Premier League (EPL) has concluded a number of successful matches on Saturday, October 20. We are here to recap the action as it happened. Many great teams faced off, and the highlight of the day was definitely Chelsea vs Manchester United.

EPL Round 9 – Chelsea Faces Manchester United

Chelsea played Manchester United on October 20 in a game that nobody had expected. The blues had been doing quite well, dominating most of the teams they had faced off and allowing themselves a comfortable headway ahead of any team.

When Manchester United made their appearance yesterday, nobody expected the Red Devils to play any different then they had so far – shakily, lacking confidence, and ultimately making so many mistakes as to draw criticism from friend and foe alike, not to mention the tantrum fits of Jose Mourinho.

However, what transpired next was, well, intense. Chelsea had a clear dominance in the game, controlling the ball in 66% of the time. On top of that, they attacked 27 times whereas Manchester United had to be happy with 6 key attacks that eventually resulted in the necessary score.

Even then, Manchester Untied managed to come back. It’s been part of their repertoire to usually let their opponents score and then eventually find their own game in the second half, managing to retaliate swiftly. And so, Chelsea opened in the 21’ for 1-0.

Their efforts to score another goal crumbled. In the second half, though, Anthony Martial managed to score twice in the 55’ and 73’, which put the Red Devils ahead of the blues.


Nobody had expected an outcome such as this one. However, the true surprise came when the referee decided to extend the time by 6’ after the 90-minute mark, which definitely had Jose Mourinho in a bad temper, which led him to scuffle with Marco Ianni who had “celebrated” in front of Manchester United’s irate manager, after Chelsea closed the score at 2-2 in the very last minute.

The Other EPL Games of the Day

Another noteworthy game of the day was the match between Cardiff City and Fulham. After starting with 2-2 for each team in the first half, City managed to overcome their opponents and add 2 more points in their favor, settling the score at 4-2.

Liverpool, in the meanwhile, faced Huddersfield. Nobody gave Huddersfield any chance, and the final score did indeed go in favor of Liverpool. However, the team had managed to withstand the attacks of Liverpool allowing only a single point in their goal, which is also a reason to be happy, after Liverpool had routed a lot of other teams.

Speaking of routings, Manchester City fought off Burnley and defeated them at 5-0, which was definitely a rather overwhelming result at first blush. The EPL’s Round 9 was full of points and last-minute comebacks which must have definitely made spectators’ weekend well worth enjoying.

If you love soccer and follow the English Premier League, then you still have a chance to catch the game between Everton and Crystal Palace, which is kicking off later today. Monday will open with a game between Arsenal and Leicester.

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