English Premier League Week 36 Review

Week 36 is not going to focus much on the rivalry between Manchester City and United. Instead, it is more about Swansea, Saints, and Huddersfield. Two weeks ago Manchester City won their game setting the team up for winning the league title. Manchester United was not looking as good, but they are still on the top of the leaderboard in second place.

Manchester City is getting closer to setting records in the Premier League.

The English Premier League always has multiple games going, such as the games with Swansea and Huddersfield, who lost to Chelsea and Everton, respectively. Huddersfield and Swansea fans are not happy with the games both teams have lost, and there are only three weeks left of gameplay. The thing is no one expected Swansea to do well against Chelsea. The game remained zero to zero for four minutes, and then Cesc Fabregas was able to get his 50th Premier League goal. From then on, Swansea could not get any play on the field. They at least kept Chelsea from getting another goal.

Southampton and Bournemouth were pitted against each other over the week, with Southampton winning two to one. Mark Hughes finally saw his team come out and play for the win, with Dusan Tadic scoring in the first 25 minutes of the game. Unfortunately, the game began tied, until Joshua King was able to get in the second kick for an injured teammate.

West Brom went against Newcastle, ending the game with a one to zero wins. However, it is too late for West Brom, with only two wins in the last few matches to get the title.

The Troubles with United

Manchester United is not as happy as their rivals and worse there is discord due to Marouane Fellaini. Fellaini is a symbol, according to several people, one of decline for the club. Since Sir Alex Ferguson’s time ended, United has been unhappy with Fellaini’s playing style.

Manchester United was able to win against Arsenal with a two to one win. Paul Pogba opened with a score. Henry Mkhitaryan was able to equalize the points, and finally, Fellaini made a goal. Sometimes it seems Fellaini can be on enough to score a goal and make it worth the pay he gets, but it is a tense situation.

The premier league table has Manchester City at 93, Manchester United at 77, with Liverpool at a close third with 72.

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