English Premier League Week 34 Recap

Week 34

English Premier League week 33 had a disappointing end for Manchester City, but week 34 crowned them champions. For the last week in the champions, Manchester City won their game, but Manchester United Lost.

West Bromwich came to Manchester United’s field and scored. It looked like United might be able to pull the win out, but in the end, West Bromwich took the goal that cost the United team to lose. It was not a similar situation to last week’s game against Manchester City. Man City was up 2 to 0, and then United came out, gained two goals, before getting a third at last few minutes. Manchester United never gained a goal against West Brom.

The trouble is Manchester United is known for choking after a win. They might win one and then the next game they come out and lose. Perhaps, they didn’t see a reason to keep pushing after the halftime mark. It is unclear. However, the score says it all. Manchester United lost, Manchester City gained the title, and other teams are still waiting for their chance to shine.

Southampton played against Chelsea, losing the game by one point in a two versus three wins for Chelsea. Burnley gained two points against Leicester’s one taking their win for the week. Swansea and Everton tied at one to one.

Chrystal Palace faced off with Brighton, and they took home the win with a 3 to 2 game. Huddersfield went against Watford, and the team scored the only goal, ensuring Huddersfield gained some happiness.

The game everyone might have wanted to watch was Liverpool against Bournemouth. It seems Bournemouth could not get a goal at all, with Liverpool going 3 to 0 for the win.

Did we forget to mention that Manchester City went against the Spurs with a 3 to 1 win? Yes, that is how the win stacked up. Newcastle also won against Arsenal with a 2 to 1 score.

EPL Clubs Next Season

How can clubs win against Manchester City next year? It is a question that every premier league club in the UK will be asking themselves today. Manchester City had some difficult plays throughout the season, but they still managed to have the point lead after each game and they came away with the title.

Manchester City was not perfect, which shows there are ways to get the title championship away from them, particularly for Manchester United who played second best.


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