English Premier League Week 26 Roundup

Was anybody shocked when Manchester United beat Huddersfield 2-0? No, I do not think so. The mighty United showed the newcomers to the Premier League what it is like to go up against one of the best teams in the world. Huddersfield, however, does deserve praise as the team did beat United last year October, which was the first time in more than 60 years. Alexis Sanchez vindicated Mourinho’s reasons for signing the Chilean striker. He was far too good for the new entrants to the EPL that the players could do nothing to stop him but kick him.

The Huddersfield players committed seven fouls against Sanchez, making it a record for the number of fouls committed on a single player this season. United scored 10 minutes into the game. Juan Mata crossed the ball into the box of Huddersfield. Romelu Lukaku was on the receiving end of it, and he did not hesitate to put the ball in the back of Huddersfield’s net. That was Lukaku’s 12th goal for this season. Later, Sanchez was fouled in Huddersfield’s box and was awarded a penalty. The Chilean stepped up to the plate and scored the penalty after the rebound from the goalkeeper.

The Other Results

West Brom is on a losing streak. The team lost to Southampton 3-2. After the match, West Brom’s manager Alan Pardew defended his team’s loss by saying that

“We looked a little bit leggy today.”

West Brom is at the bottom of the log, along with Stoke City and Huddersfield.

Bournemouth beat Stoke 2-1. Surprisingly, Stoke scored the first goal as Xherdan Shaqiri headed the ball into the back of Bournemouth’s net. Josh King stepped onto the pitch as a result of Steve Cook’s injury. That’s when everything changed. King showed that he was on a mission and that was to prove his skills. In the seventieth minute, he scored a goal. Lys Mousset scored the second goal for Bournemouth in the eightieth minute. After the match, Paul Lambert said,

“There’s no way we deserved to lose that.”

Arsenal showed its strength by beating Everton 5-1.

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