Elky Grospellier Leaves PokerStars After 11.5 Years

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Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier has left PokerStars after being with the company for 11.5 years. Grospellier won the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in 2008 when he bagged $2 million. After the win, Grospellier became a member of PokerStars for the next ten plus years. He was the first to become Supernova and Supernova Elite. He, also, won the Triple Crown and set a number of Guinness World Records.

When Grospellier joined Team Liquid to be a Hearthstone player, he was the first player representing an online poker room and an esports team. Elky’s life mostly consists of traveling the globe and being paid to play video games, as well as date gorgeous women, who live the same lifestyle as him. His Twitch channel has a following of more than 53,000 people. Elky theoretically is a perfect candidate to represent PokerStars.

Why Did PokerStars Fire Elky?

He is the fourth player who has left PokerStars, which is the biggest online poker room. Even though the contract of the players ends in December, it is not logical for PokerStars to dismiss such a phenomenal talent. PokerStars got rid of Jason Mercier as the company could not benefit from him in its marketing campaign and Vanessa Selbst played in only a few tournaments. Felipe Ramos was the third player to be released, even though the gentleman was performing at peak. But why Elky?

Even though Elky and the rest of the players who departed seemed great on paper, PokerStars has developed a strategy that does resonate with Elky and the rest. PokerStars signed on Jamie Staples and Kevin Martin, who are young players and have excellent communication skills and a vigorous energy. Staples and Martin attract younger players to PokerStars’ website. Another two players who PokerStars signed on are Lex Veldhuis and Jeff Gross. The two players have a fantastic Twitch following, although the future at PokerStars is erratic as the players are considered to be part of the older generation.

Elky states that when Amaya Gaming bought PokerStars and the company started trading publicly that is when things turned for the worst. It seems as if PokerStars wants to lower the payroll expenses by offering Team Pro contracts.

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