Eagle Cup II Kicks Off with Final Day

The Eagle Cup II hosted by Global Poker has a long history with 111 winners in its time. The Sunday final, though, is the event that we are all looking forward to. Kicking off at 5:30 PM ET, the event is worth tuning in to watch live!

Eagle Cup II Final on Sunday

The Eagle Cup II is easily one of the most recognizable names in the poker industry. It’s difficult not to appreciate the tournament hosted by Global Poker and concede that the organization has done a lot to advance the popularity of the game.

With the Main Event kicking off today at 5:30 PM ET, the Sunday will be filled with thrilling poker action. The event comes with SC$100,000 that can be accessed for mere SC$218. The Eagle Cup itself may look a bit steep, but the organizers had worked out a number of satellite events that players could have participated in prior to the actual event.

Apart from the Main, you can also enjoy the Sweep Cash events, with the medium and low main competitions commanding respectable prize pools of their own, at SC$40,000 and SC$15,000 respectively.

The Eagle Cup Gold Coins – Playing for Fun

If you want to enjoy stellar gaming option, you can easily get into the Gold Coin main events also available on the weekend. There are two separate events that will afford you a rare opportunity to continue and have a pot at the Eagle Cup trophy.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that all winners and their runners-up will also be invited to the Tournament of Champions, which will take place on Sunday, October 28. While the tournament will not fetch a big monetary reward in itself, it’s still well worth participating in its, as whoever comes out victorious of it will become Global Poker’s official representative and get $5,000 in live tournament package to play with in future.

If you need a quick reference list of the upcoming events, check this one out:

  • Eagle Cup 26-M: Main Event NLHE $40,000 Guaranteed – $110
  • Eagle Cup 26-L: Main Event NLHE $15,000 Guaranteed – $22
  • Eagle Cup 26-H: Main Event NLHE $100,000 Guaranteed – $218
  • Eagle Cup 27-L: NLHE $3,000 Guaranteed – $5.50
  • Eagle Cup 27-M: NLHE $7,500 Guaranteed – $22
  • Eagle Cup 27-H: NLHE $12,500 Guaranteed – $50

If you are curious about the schedule of the previous days, you can find at the operator’s website.

All of these events will be wrapped up today and the most skilled contestants will be allowed to continue further down the road next week.

The Eagle Cup’s Legacy

The Eagle Cup continues to be one of the most notable experiences in the world of poker. Hosted by Global Poker, the event is covered across multiple channels and players of all financial backgrounds are given ample opportunity to enter and win big based on their own skill and understanding of the game.

The world of poker is changing and it has come a long way since 2014. More events like the ones hosted by Global Poker will be needed, though for a more profound change in the overall poker landscape.

Eagle Cup II is an initiative that Global Poker have no immediate intentions of giving up, which means that even after the Tournament of Champions, we are more than likely to see the game continue under the banner of the organization.

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