Dutchman Foe Leads in €3,500 High Roller Event, Rotterdam

WSOP's Rotterdam tournament and Holland Casino's logo

PokerStars’ EPT has left its mark on us, but it’s hardly the only event that merits to be mentioned today. The WSOPC Rotterdam is forging ahead with the €3,500 High Roller shaping up to be one of the most riveting legs of the hole event. And it’s Dutch player Clyde Tjauw Foe who has taken the lead now.

WSOPC and the Buzz of High Rolling

Clyde Tjauw Foe is definitely a poker pro unlike any other. Competing in the 2018 WSOP International Circuit Holland Casino Rotterdam in the €3,500 High Roller, the Dutchman is happy to be at the helm. Leading the pack, he is hopeful to clinch the juicy profit. And yet, his dominance is contested by fellow players Haci Bayram and Michal Mrakes. Both are dangerously close to homing in on Foe whose name is most apt from their standpoint.

With 17 players left, the competition is getting into its most exciting stage if you are a spectator and the nausea-inducing anxiety if you are a participant. The top five players are completed with Albert Hoekendijk and Firoz Mangroe who are also both Dutch.

Even though the entry fee was quite substantial, the action of the day saw quite a few re-entries, with many players making full good use of the option. A small crop of players continued to test their luck, entering the event multiple times. Most notably, Zhong Chen who cashed out €136,700 in the EPT Barcelona €10,000 High Roller just a few days back, was faced with a dilemma.

He bought his entry twice into the tournament and was eliminated. Chen did push for a third one as well, but he didn’t land any chips at the end of the day, being tossed outside the race once again.

Foe Takes the Lead amid Friends

It was finally Foe who shaped up as a chip leader with him managing to earn a handful of big pots. Foe sent fellow player Van Puffelen home, acquiring his chips and adding to his already consolidated position. Even though the efforts of many an excellent player came to no fruition, quite a few noteworthy ones continued in Day 2, including:

  • Farid Chati
  • Alex van der Werf
  • Kevin Paque

A fair number of players dropped out of the race, though, even if they were expected to make it to the later stages. Tobias Peters, Luuk Gieles, and Hakim Zoufri, who already had had a title to his name, were all seen off.

The Event Returns in Day 2

With the WSOPC taking an interesting turn of events, Day 2 is coming back on Tuesday, September 4, + 1 GMT. We will follow the news updates and keep you in the loop. Many of the players who are appearing in the tournament are also interested in the PokerStars’ backed The Bahamas Adventure, which is taking place on January 6, 2019. More WSOP events are underway, though!

The future months of poker are packed with sufficient action to keep professionals and fans quite satisfied. And we will be here to keep it covered for you!


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