Dutch Gambling Laws Need Update

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The Netherlands gaming regulator, Kansspelautoriteit or KSA is asking the Senate to change the gambling laws. The regulatory body does not think the Netherlands gambling laws are covering remote gaming in a way that is helping the country.

A recent Kansspelautoriteit report shows the Senate has not taken a proper stand on the online gambling venues, particularly one that will stop illegal sites from being accessed. The KSA is asking the Senate to examine a bill and pass it that would better regulate online gaming.

The Netherlands is one of only couple European countries that has not officially legalized online games that deal in chance. The chairman of the KSA, Jan Suyver, believes the state regulators have tied the hands of the regulatory body, so they are unable to stop illegal online gaming truly. The Dutch gaming law was put into effect in 1964. It does not cover the updates in the industry to account for the Internet, and all that entails.

To show how necessary it is to update the laws, Suyver cited the 2017 ruling the Council of State’s Administrative Law Division provided. It ordered the Dutch regulator to “back-off” the gambling payment providers. He believes nothing is being done because people are happy to earn a little from the sites without proper regulation.

Recalling Allowed Payments

What the 2017 ruling did was allow players to get their money from gambling websites or to put money into their accounts via these websites. They have let the payment service providers process the gaming transactions, as long as the gambling website is internationally licensed.

The ruling rejects the state regulator’s claim that the games are of chance and should be illegal based on the Betting and Gaming Act of 1964. He also pointed out that a remote gaming act would ensure more power to regulate the online providers and provisional licenses could bring in revenue. He feels without regulation these companies can do what they want and that is harming the Netherlands.

The Gaming Authority is doing what it can to make things better; however, with changes, there will be little else they can try. If online gambling is not regulated, then there cannot be such things as an addiction fund to help individuals who have gambling problems. He has asked for this to be put in place and a central register to keep those who have an addiction from falling off their treatment.

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