DSports and Poker Sports League Partnership


In May it was announced that the Deltin poker Tour may be the hope India needs to accept gambling more readily than it has in the past. Now, there is news of a new partnership that may help even more.

DSport has the broadcast rights to air challenges happening with the Poker Sports League. It is currently in season two.

The Poker Sports League partnership with Discovery Channel Asia Pacific’s DSports will show the season two finals. Another part of the news is that Match Indian Poker League Founder, Raj Kundra, was brought in for questioning regarding Bitcoin.

For the first part of the story—Goa was handpicked by Team Manager from the Punjabi Bluffers to be the wildcard entry in the current Deltin Casino finals. Lovgren who spoke with a media source said India is poker was surprising because of the great atmosphere, energy, and everyone felt like it was a home game because everyone knew everyone. Lovgren is an 888Poker ambassador who goes around to different tournaments.

PSL decided to sign the deal to broadcast five days of finals that will start on June 12 and end on the 17th. You are sure to see Lovgren, Goa, and several of the other top Indian players at the finals, such as Amit Burman.

Raj Kundra Headline

Raj Kundra who is often in the news regarding poker and his celebrity status, is under suspicion along with a few other people. The story has to do with bitcoin.

Raj Kundra is being questioned about bitcoin and a scam that may involve more than nine celebrities from India. The scam is considered a bitcoin Ponzi scheme. The downside is that Raj Kundra continues to get in the news with several things negative. He might seem like a great guy, but he seems to have more negative news written about him. It is disappointing if the news reports are true because he is an entrepreneur who is seen as helping his country. It could just be that the press is out to get him, and he is just unlucky.

Bhardwaj is one founder of bitcoin, GainBitcoin. Amit Bhardwaj was arrested in April with a connection to a Ponzi scheme with his bitcoin company, where he supposedly robbed 100,000 investors of their money who were investing in bitcoin. When looking at Bhardwaj it seems Kundra’s name came up so police brought him in for questioning. Kundra did step forward to clear his name.


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