DraftKings Steps Up Betting with an App

We have all been rather pleased and looking forward this moment. The time when we can chuck away our laptops and computers and just enjoy gambling on the go – as all gambling is meant to be done! Well, almost. Fantasy sports fans do have a thing or two to be happy about, because DraftKings have decided to be game-changers for yet another time!

The popular bookmaker has announced that it is bringing out a mobile app that will facilitate everyone’s favorite mobile betting. Of course, some restrictions will come along with it. Gamers may only operate on the territory of New Jersey, which could be restrictive, but then again, it’s the law.

Choosing the Smart Bet to Go

The app has not yet been released for public testing. Invitations will be sent to specific punters who will then have a chance to unpick the app and be the judge of its functionalities and most importantly – practicality. Bettors on the territory of the state will then be eligible to flick wagers and report back to DraftKings should they run into any unseemly trouble.

The sports app, however, is just the beginning. With the sluice gates now pried open, DraftKings is not only inviting and nurturing innovation. It’s inviting competition. The bookmaker operates in a state where everyone is continually looking for an edge.
Not only that, but bringing a well-honed app doesn’t take long if enough resources are allocated on it. With the upswing in the excitement and interest in sports, DraftKings is one in a sea of many.

The Immediate Effects

Currently, the industry is losing estimated $150 billion to offshore operators. These companies are not physically present in the United States, but they still manage to claw the majority of players and redirect them to their own websites.

This is surprising to say the least, given the simple fact that offshore operators fail to offer any securities to their customers. And yet, the comfort of being able to place wagers through your phone is one of the main incentives, paired with the fact that you are not restricted to specific locations from which to place bets.

The introduction of a mobile app by DraftKings is only hoping to change that, providing the catnip for players to stop and turn their heads to the reliable bookies at home. However, until such a time that DraftKings may operate in most states. Nevertheless, the company is all set to cash on the repeal of PASPA.

Fantasy in the Center of It All

Still, DraftKings will be focusing on attracting more people to play fantasy sports which remains the bread and butter of the website. With some luck, the bookie will manage to make the case of fantasy sports in other states as well which will give it a good starting heft to expand its app.

However, despite its lobbying, DraftKings is cognizant of the facts – legislators have the final say in what happens with their operators. Hopefully, they will see the benefits of bringing a multi-billion industry home.

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