DraftKings Starts Offering Sports Betting in Mississippi

DraftKings are expanding their operations in the United States. The betting agency is now pushing ahead with a Mississippi opening, which will mark the company’s more dedicated efforts after the scrapping of PASPA

Mississippi Licensing and Sports Betting by DraftKings

DraftKings has managed to secure a licence from the Mississippi Gaming Commission (MGC) to kickstart its sports betting activities in the state at the Scarlet Pearl Sportsbook venue. Based in D’Iberville, the casino offers 300 rooms filled with multiple facilities that relate to other segments of the gambling experience, including well over 1,100 slot machines, 80 video poker devices, and 37 regular table allocated to established gaming genres.

Mississippi sports betting became available in August, 2018, but legal complications restricted its wilder adoption. Only casinos were allowed to carry out the activity in exchange of an expensive licence. DraftKings is trying to change that by bringing the experience to mobile as well, but also hoping to expand its offers to dedicated land-based kiosks outside casinos.

Meanwhile, the company will work meticulously on the Scarlet Pearl Sportsbook venue, which will introduce customers to a variety of events to choose from and now the rumored possibility of adding a live betting feature.

DraftKings Revenue Officer Matt Kalish has shared his enthusiasm about the expanding reach of the company. According to Mr. Kalish, DraftKings was demonstrating what was clearly a “forward-thinking” approach.

He also acknowledged that the United States is a large market about to expand rapidly in the coming years. M. Kalish also spoke about the competitiveness of all segments related to sports betting and gaming, too.

Profits from Sports Betting Jump Severalfold

Meanwhile, Mississippi has been building on its revenue generated through sports betting, registering $31.8 million in September alone, quite the increase since August. Though these numbers were modest compared to Nevada and New Jersey, they still exemplified the state’s ability to monetize the segment.

One particular event has occasioned the strong results, meaning of course the National Football League (NFL), which started at the same time Mississippi started rolling out sports wagers.

The fact that DraftKings have not been among the first to offer wagers has not discouraged the company who are now looking to outpace their competitors and work on the segments that casinos are not brave enough to pioneer, meaning in-play betting and mobile wagering.

Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort CEO Lu Ann Pappas has also commented on the deal, explaining that the casino is poised to benefit immensely from the collaboration between the two companies.

Meanwhile, DraftKings definitely don’t shun a challenge after becoming the first operator in New Jersey to launch a mobile sports wagering platform. By combining its brand name with its technical savvy, DraftKings will most likely have an easy time of spearheading innovative solutions in markets where local companies don’t have the necessary know how to achieve the same results.

In-play and mobile are not enough to popularize sports betting, of course, but DraftKings feel confident in promoting intuitive sports betting solutions that can reach the largest audiences. Mississippi is just a beginning.

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