DraftKings Is Coming to Virginia with Penn National Gaming

DraftKings is gearing up to launch its online sports betting platform in West Virginia in collaboration with Penn National Gaming.

Bringing the industry online is the next important step in the further development of the U.S. market which is estimated to be the second-largest by 2030.

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DraftKings and Penn National Gaming in West Virginia

DraftKings, a platform for daily fantasy sports and regular sports wagers, is edging closing to its official roll-out in West Virginia, having successfully partnered with Penn National Gaming. The companies will release online betting options to customers from the state, providing them with streamlined odds and plenty of markets.

Similarly to other states and operators, DraftKings is seeking partnerships with land-based and licensed properties to pilot its mobile and online platforms, which comes with its restrictions, but at least allows additional support and awareness for the segment to grow.

Despite the advancement of Washington, D.C.’s own sports betting plans, West Virginia still remains an attractive venue for DraftKings it appears.

DraftKings Starts Offering Sports Betting in Mississippi

Still, the bookmaker needs to clear the regulatory vetting process, with approvals still pending. The team behind the operator all seemed excited and confident that all would go according to plan, with Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Matt Kalish sharing that working with Penn National Gaming had been a blast.

Mr. Kalish expressed his hopes that DraftKings and all local partners will create a product that will fully meet West Virginia’s sports betting expectations. He pointed out to the success the company had had in New Jersey over the past months.

Mr. Kalish noted DraftKings’ exceptionally high customer retention rate, having seen 90% of all first-time customers return to play again. In light of the proven track record of the company, he felt confident that the operator would deliver the top-shelf product that West Virginia’s customers deserve.

The State’s First Online Operator

DraftKings will also establish the Mountain State’s first online bookmaker, benefiting from the state’s lenient approach towards mobile betting so long as it’s carried out from the premises of a licensed operator. This understandably isn’t perfect, but it’s a stepping-stone towards the development of future independent online betting facilities.

We believe the state will certainly benefit from DraftKings’ tremendous brand awareness and expertise in providing customers a quality online sports betting experience – Matt Kalish

The company has a distinct national footprint, allowing it to operate in almost all states across the United States. It’s the same brand awareness that Mr. Kalish spoke of that has allowed DraftKings to continue and operate across the majority of the nation’s while competitors have mostly struggled.

DraftKings have benefited from focusing on a segment that is originally a grey are and one that is highly appreciated by U.S. customers across the entire country.

DraftKings has successfully launched its integrated platforms and mobile betting solutions leveraging not only its popularity, but also technical savvy.

A true trend-setter, DraftKings is arriving in West Virginia to push the industry in a new direction entirely.

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