Doug Polk Starting a News Channel

Doug Polk is in the news again, but not for the predictions of whether he will win against Negreanu in the World Series of Poker tournaments. It is all about his news channel that will be everything poker. Perhaps it is his answer to Daniel Negreanu’s masterclass, which was announced last week.

Doug is a poker player. He rose to stardom blogging or becoming a poker vlogger. He decided to try his hand at cryptocurrency, and then crypto vlogging. It sounds like whatever is hot he tends to try his hand at. Polk is definitely still working at both poker and cryptocurrency. Now, he is going to discuss the news on his news channel.

A lot of the time Polk is poking fun at Negreanu, which is why it is not surprising he would start a news channel after the announcement of the masterclass. Last month, Polk even tried stand-up comedy in Vegas. At least the man understands he cannot be good at everything and admitted he is not the best at being a comedian. It just seems that Doug Polk is having some tough decisions on what he really wants to be, and it is turning towards mainstream reporting that seems like a good idea now.

Polk announced that he would start covering news, with a bit of comedy throw-in with his YouTube channel. With starting a new YouTube channel and announcing it, he is hoping his poker followers will want to follow him on his new channel. He already has the first video uploaded.

Polk says that he is looking to talk about mainstream stuff, just as much as poker. The new concept is launching just six months after his crypto channel. Perhaps the slump in the crypto world is why he decided he wanted to try something new. It is hard to say, but it is always great to see a person who is willing to try new things until they can finally settle on what is absolutely right for a career.

His videos with comedy are somewhat entertaining, but nothing one might consider the best of the world. At least he knows it and is willing to keep trying to be out there with his personality. It will be interesting to see what he decides to try next after mainstream reporting.

People are Better Than Machines

Earlier in 2018, Doug Polk went against the artificial intelligence bot and won.

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