Dota 2 International 2018 Looms

The eighth edition of The International, Dota 2’s grandest event is mere days away. In three days, a total of 18 teams will meet in Vancouver, Canada, where they will compete for a total of $23 million in cash prizes. Held for the first time in Canada, The International will also mark the end of the season for the new Dota 2 Pro Circuit, which was put in place to help select the best players.

Dota 2, The International – A Real Feast

The Circuit was organized with the help of third-party companies, which agreed to help Valve run the competitive actions. But the Circuit events were no mere sops either, as Valve had provided extra cash for the best teams as a reward. To make the individual Circuit events unique, every host could choose how to run each of those. In other words, you had competitions as diverse as a single-bracket Circuit to the classic Group Stage event.

But the whimsiness of the Circuits will not really rub off onto Valve’s event in a few days. The company has decided to keep matters rather simple with two groups, which will accommodate nine teams each. All participating teams will have a chance to battle it out in this preliminary stage of the competition between August 15 and August 18.

The first salvo of the competition, i.e. the group stage, will kick off at the Rogers Arena, which is right in the hotel where the players will be crashing and another location, which the studio has yet to reveal.

Unlike the past where we have seen massive action for our own benefit as spectators, Valve are now considering the health of the athletes more seriously. The games will consist of BO2 format , which will allow for a point-based system as opposed to the BO3 match-win counting system. Meanwhile, fans will be on the lookout for a high-yielding Compendium prediction.

Fighting for Leadership in the Two Brackets

As the competition rages on, teams will each hope to be among the four best teams in each bracket, with the four losers after them being relegated to the infamous loser’s bracket. Leadership will be based on points. However, the lowest-performing teams from each group will be thrown out of the race straight away.

However, this doesn’t mean they won’t be entitled for a small prize as well. Valve has re-thought its approach to divvying up the loot. With the competitive community becoming extremely top heavy, it’s understandable why more players and organizations have been looking for a way to encourage all teams to stick around and continue to develop.

Following the bracket stages, which will be held through August 23 , there will come the final games, which will be played in a typical BO3 format. Now, even though this is not the coveted BO5 format , organizers and teams have all agreed that such games put immense strain on players who simply cannot play at their best.

The winners of the competition will be crowned first place, the International Cup, and they will add $10 million to their life-long Dota 2 proceedings.

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