Djarii Ambassador for Unibet

Unibet manager changes is not the only thing the company is adapting for the year 2018. Unibet announced they would have a new ambassador, Djarii.

Djarii is a popular gamer, who has risen to through the ranks due to her skill. According to Djarii, she was a bit odd, ugly, and an outcast at school, often bullied by her classmates. Despite the torment suffered, she decided to join Twitch by offering popular video feds of her gaming. Sophia White, AKA Djarii, has been on the video gaming scene for a while now. She is also moving to the poker side of things with becoming an ambassador for Unibet, a prominent online poker site.

She is not leaving behind eSports but will play her favorite games, while being an ambassador for poker. Sophia is from Scotland and was first introduced to both types of games as a child. She would spend a lot of time playing with her father on the weekend, such as Nintendo games, and PlayStation Games.

Today, Djarii gets the last laugh against her schoolmates, having risen to popularity with her Twitch videos and gaining 33k subscribers to her YouTube channel. She also has 50K Twitter followers and 60k Instagram friends. Twitch has the most people following her with over 260,000.

Djarii became aware of poker through a friend playing World of Warcraft. Her teammate taught her how to play, and she has enjoyed the game since then. There is a rush playing both types of games, according to Sophia, especially at the poker table. She enjoys mastering the games she plays, which is why it is not surprising she decided to go with Unibet when they approached her with a deal.

Her popularity will help; Djarii gains followers in poker, as well as keep them through her online eSports fun. She hopes to make an impact with the industry and to get more women involved in eSports and poker in the future.

Sports Information Services

Horseracing and greyhound racing will be part of Unibet through a partnership with Sports Information Services. The two companies are partnering to offer both types of races live, worldwide. Kindred Group will provide the Irish and British greyhound service with plenty of live shows each week.

Kindred Group is a small part of the package, with plenty of races happening in Latin America and Dubai, with the partnership between SIS and Unibet.

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