Diet Set to Pass Gambling Bill Despite Opposition

The Diet, Japan’s Parliament, is set to approve of the gambling bill, which will see the legalization of certain landbased casino properties, effectively giving a flying start to the industry.

With the Diet deciding to enact the bill that authorizes opening and running of casino resorts on Friday, the hopes are now that any opposition will be handled quickly, allowing everyone to push ahead with the proposed changes and soon see the gaming dens operate at full bore in Japan.

House of Councilors – The Deciding Moment

As the ruling coalition has vowed its support for the bill and has effectively approved it with numerous high-level government officials endorsing it, it’s now up to the House of Councilors to vote on the draft. The plan is to introduce three casinos located in resorts, which will also include other useful facilities, including hotels, shopping malls, and meeting & conference room to hold business events.

The bill was also cleared in the House of Repsentatives about a month ago. The HoR is also was one of the main hurdles that the Japanese authorities had to overcome in order to see any glimmer of hope for the future of the bill itself.

The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has also been among the most vociferous supporters of the bill. According to Mr Abe, the bill will allow to attract both foreign investment and visitors and give a kick-start to a moribund regional economy located in the outskirts of Tokyo.

Mr Abe Is Not Wrong

With a looming demographic crisis and shrinking workforce, Japan stands well to benefit from the introduction of legal gambling for several reasons at the very least. First, gambling in the region is rather difficult as most neighbours have rather stringent laws on the activity. With this in mind, Japan can easily transform itself into a hub for such activities.

How is this going to unfold? Well, for starters, an integrated resort is expected to hit in the mid-2020s, which will be the first such property to probe the proverbial waters of gambling in the country.

Meanwhile, Japan has already had experience with legal public gambling and horse racing, albeit these activities are still rather kept under rather strict control. A let-up in the control activities will come with Japan’s decision to officialize the so-called social checks which are there to prove that an individual is not risking becoming an addict as they gamble.

Fighting Against Gambling Addiciton

Gambling addiction has of course been one of the main reasons that opposition has decided to be rather stringent. You won’t be able to find much of the anti-gambling lobby who are openly lambasting the government’s alleged complacency with the sector.

Whilst such claims are well-founded and establishing working anti-gambling laws is truly a taxing undertaking, there’s also strong evidence that all politicians seem to be dedicated to the goal of making sure gambling in the country should be safe. That’s why everyone is only allow gambling to take place on special properties that have been specifically picked for the purpose and they do stand a fair chance of hoping local economy grow or at least prop it up for years to come.

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