Destiny 2 Not Supported in eSports

Fortnite is becoming “the” eSports game in the US, and many places around the world. It has its own magazine. It is a game made for eSports, but there are several people who have tried to make Destiny 2, a totally different game into an eSports challenge. The downside is they are not as successful as Fortnite.

Destiny 2 had a glitched reward players wasted hours trying to access. A recent update had several glitches that took time to fix. One was a reward that could be found, and players took to the game to find it and report back to Bungie. All the glitches, fixes, and the battle against bigger games, is perhaps why Bungie never made certain claims about their game.

Develops say now is the time to play Destiny 2 because the glitches are corrected. But, Bungie admits they did not design the game to be an eSports tournament game.

Luke Smith Interview

Luke Smith is the director of Destiny 2. Back in August 2017, he stated that Bungie has a tradition of being active in the competitive scene. Halo is one of their games and we have seen how that has become a highly popular game in eSports. However, when talking about Destiny 2, the team behind it spent time trying to decide if they wanted the game to be on the competitive edge like Halo. Certainly, they want players to be able to choose if they enjoy the game and support it. But, what they wanted more for the game is for players to decide if it is worthy of tournaments.
They wanted the game to have a comfortable feel in a tournament setting if it made it to the scene. The goal was not to have it become a championship game overnight with world champs vying for time to play in a huge arena.

David Shaw, the PC project lead and Thomas Gawrys, lead engineer, were sent to help Bungie during the game development. Gawrys stated that they love people who create their own tournaments around games, but that does not mean Destiny 2 will make it to the eSports arenas. Shaw said he didn’t try to build the game for eSports, but that doesn’t mean if it happens he would be unhappy.

They just want people to play the game, enjoy it, and it doesn’t have to be in the eSports arena at all. Just a loved game.

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