Deltin Poker Tour Provides Hope to India

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Back in February, Deltin’s poker tour saw an increase in female participation. The tour is in the news again with more information about India and how the government views poker.

There is a surge in India for poker and eSports. The English Premier League concept that has been around for cricket is no longer where many people are putting their interest or money. Instead, several residents of India are beginning to focus more on poker and eSports for investments.

Unfortunately, the government does not feel the same way about poker as it does cricket and eSports. Players like Chris Gayle are trying to bridge regular sports with poker by becoming spokespeople for the games. Despite these sponsorships, the government of India is still not looking favorably on bringing more gambling to their country.

Where Deltin Fits In

India is debating whether or not poker is a game of skill. Adda52’s CEO Anuj Gupta says the game requires skill. Adda52 has been successful in helping to organize the Deltin Poker Tour and hoped more people would see the game requires skill.

The Deltin Poker Tour wrapped up on April 29, 2018, with the last tournament. It was a four-day event with a Super High Roller series, as well as a shootout and bounty. The tour was popular, and many hope India will understand that the game has skill requirements. The US and Europe are accepting poker and various poker tours, which helps to show that people need to think and wager appropriately before betting all their money.

Indian lawmakers still deny the skill required to win the game. There is a bit of chance to the game, in the cards one receives, but the sticking part is how you play those cards.

A person without a hand, to match the river and win either needs to bluff through the game or fold. Keeping to these proper decisions is where the skill comes in. If a person is going in without training or strategy and continues to wager when there is no chance of winning—they are going to lose. Gupta says it is about the investment in training, practice, and ensuring that a person is reacting accordingly to the cards dealt. He predicts in two to five years; poker will be more of a sport and business activity than in the past because people will invest, gain sponsorships, and more.

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