DDoS Attacks Continue at Americas Cardroom

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The same old story with a different tune, instead of Camelot being hacked the news is about DDoS attacks on America’s Cardroom. Hacking is a continuing problem where one puts in security that is the best that it can be until someone else comes along to hack it.

The cyber attacks are targeting one online casino America’s Cardroom for the sixth time. America’s Cardroom is part of Winning Poker Network. In fact, it is their “flagship” online casino. The European police are doing what they can to try and find who is behind these attacks. The British and Dutch authorities are both working on the problem to try to stop the DDoS attacks from happening.

The investigation has led to six arrests of administrators running webstressor.org. The site has 136k users and is known for more than 4 million Distributed Denial of Service attacks. For $18 per month, plenty of people have been able to get on and create DDoS attacks on places they dislike.

America’s Cardroom was not a target of the attacks, until recently. Winning Poker Network or WPN according to Joey Ingram does not have a security team, at least one that is working. There were plenty of breaches that allowed bots and humans to break through security. But, perhaps in the last week, they have decided to bring in some cybersecurity.

America’s Cardroom has been the target of DDoS attacks since Wednesday of last week. It did not seem like there would be an end to the cyber breaches. The company canceled several tournaments such as the $1 million GTD Dollar Sunday tourney because of the attacks.

The company made a statement that their team is working to stop the breaches, but so far they have not been able to plug the holes. WPN and America’s Cardroom are no strangers to DDoS attacks, which date back to 2014. Phil Nagy, the CEO for WPN, said they would never give in to cyber terrorism, but they also cannot seem to stop the attacks. For a bit, the attacks seemed to end, but they are back again, and WPN is not willing to negotiate and pay as the DDoS attacker’s demand.

DDoS Attacks and Security

Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks can happen to any cyber-related product whether it is a casino being hit or the cloud. There are certainly protective steps companies can take to shore up their security, but it may not be enough, each and every time.

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