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Daniel Negreanu is hosting a series of masterclass videos on poker. You might decide that this is the perfect way to spend your Father’s Day or to help your father learn more about poker. Negreanu has his ups and downs in the poker world, but he has certainly won quite a bit and taken home several bracelets, which is why the 33 online videos are worth watching if you are a serious fan.

Phil Hellmuth might be another choice to see poker tutorials online, but Negreanu is topping the market right now with his marketing prowess. Both Hellmuth and Negreanu have made names for themselves in the poker industry. Even for people who do not watch the World Series of Poker or the World Poker Tour, you have probably heard these names.

Are they the best at teaching poker? It is arguable that they may not be. Fedor Holz may be someone who would be better given his record in poker tournaments, plus his ability to teach. But, that doesn’t mean everyone has the ability to teach.

Negreanu’s latest enticement to get his name out there, to get sponsors, and to have fun at the World Series of Poker tournament for the summer is to set up a masterclass. You do have to stream it, which might make it difficult for some of the father’s out there to be interested. It all depends on how savvy they want to be with technology.

The Training Course

So, what can you expect from the Masterclass, from one of PokerStars best faces? You will discover 33 lessons that will provide workbook and quiz sections. Negreanu is hyping his course as something you have never seen in the public sphere before. What we do know about the videos are the topics. You have some on thinking about thinking, position, hand ranges and board texture, game theory, and math. Then there are other topics like pre and post flop, bluffing, bet sizing, and much more.

You might look at the topics and think—“never before seen” yeah right. The topics are pretty similar to things you have seen in books, on YouTube, and in other places. But, the content is from someone who has won bracelets and places pro poker. There is a chance that he has some things he is willing to share to help you be a better poker player at your home table. The price is a little over $200 for a year of access to the entire library.

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