Dan Bilzerian Back on Track with Crypto

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Cryptocurrency evaluation by Malta Gaming Authority is just one step towards helping more people accept the digital currency as mainstream. There are a lot of steps required before anyone chooses cryptocurrency as the only money to spend around the world. It has potential to become a global currency, unlike the Dollar or the Euro. However, people have to trust it and understand how it works.

Faces like Dan Bilzerian are trying to help promote digital currencies. Dan Bilzarian is a socialite gambler, who will help get the concept of cryptocurrency recognized and accepted. He is considered the most popular “man on Instagram.” During the Mandalay Bay attack, Bilzerian is best known for shooting a video. He was acting like Bruce Willis in a Die Hard movie.

It might have tarnished his reputation a little, but now he is back in the spotlight announcing on Twitter that he is going to get back into cryptocurrency. Bilzerian purportedly has $100 million. He tweeted he will get back into Crypto. Bilzerian says he has invested his fortune in cryptocurrency buying up Bitcoin. In May 2017, he said it is crazy to watch how quickly crypto can increase in value. He not only invests in bitcoin but also Ethereum and Monero.

Bilzerian is from Florida and has a questionable poker history. He is said to have only gained a win in one major tournament taking 180th place at a 2009 World Series of Poker tournament and walking away with $36k. Bilzerian claims to have made $10.8 million in a poker game in 2013 and gained another $50 million in 2014.

It is difficult to know whether this is the truth, given the Bilzerian family drama. Adam Bilzerian, Dan’s brother, was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport due to a warrant from Nevada. The warrant was on bomb-making charges. Adam announced that he would run for president of the US in 2015, but dropped that concept, while also dropping his US citizenship.

Many are not sure if Dan is worth as much as he says; however, it does seem a wise move to invest in cryptocurrency.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

Business Insider says one in five firms are starting to look at trading cryptocurrencies, much like they trade forex. Many analysts feel it will be a healthy year for these digital currencies, and that many investors will join for the first time buying this new commodity like it is worth something grand.

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