Cryptocurrencies Affecting Gambling Industry

Malta’s cryptocurrency test is just one way we see how the gambling industry is changing with cryptocurrencies in the mix. Malta is looking at cryptocurrency to see if it is something to add to the gambling industry or an option to stay far away from. Plenty of celebrities are backing the concept, and several online casinos are looking to add it to their payment options. But, not everyone agrees that cryptocurrency should be a thing.

The industry in 2017 had optimal growth. Bitcoin and several of the other cryptos gained momentum, with Initial Coin Offerings hitting high points. But, there are always naysayers who cannot get behind the future of technology and digital money. It seems like a passing concept, one without substance or value. However, thousands, nay millions are backing cryptocurrencies with money. They are building value and buying goods, even gambling with the funds.

Part of the drive towards cryptocurrency is that no one wants to be left out. In the days of the gold rush, people would leave behind everything they had ever known to try and strike it rich. The Internet is like that today with stocks to invest in, such as Google. Anyone on the Google, Apple, and Yahoo train made big investments and got top earnings from the early days.

The prediction is that cryptocurrency will become a billion-dollar industry shortly. Gambling establishments like ZeroEdge are launching platforms for casinos using initial coin offerings to ensure the investment is totally in the crypto realm.

The downside is that not everyone trusts in zero-edge. The company looks a little suspect, and the team is trying to make things a little clearer. Another option on the market is Neoplay. Neoplay is a platform that works for gambling and cryptocurrency.

Not Confident About Crypto

Warren Buffet cautions people who invest in cryptocurrency, saying it is only gambling and not investing. Buffet is a man to be listened to on most investing. He has made millions, probably billions with his business ventures, investments, and his brain. The man wakes up reads, invests, and goes about his day.

He believes in reading to gain as much knowledge as possible and to decide what to invest in, so if he is saying crypto is not the future of cash, there may be something the masses do not know. It may also be that he is not trusting in technology and digital currency, but it will be the winner. The years and investments will show if it is a gamble.

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