Crypto Series of Poker by CoinPoker

In April CoinPoker and APT announced their new partnership. Now, CoinPoker is stating they have a crypto series of poker that will launch to gain more interest from the gambling sector for cryptocurrency.

The prize pool is 10,000,000 chips guaranteed. The announcement is good for CoinPoker investors who are seeing the price increase.

According to the announcement, Tony G is preparing to appear at the Crypto Series of Poker. Virtue Poker is also preparing to award investors who get in early on helping to raise $18 million for the ICO.

What You Need to Know

For those who are interested in the poker series offered by CoinPoker, you will want to see if the schedule fits around your other poker tourneys. Many of the online casinos and land-based locations are starting up their summer series, with several overlapping. You must choose wisely where and when you are going to play to enjoy the wins.

Lately, focus has been on cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings. Plenty of talents have weighed in on whether crypto is here to stay and if the world will take it seriously as the only currency option. CHP from CoinPoker has been in the news a fair amount, and now they have announced their poker series.
The online series will start May 27 and finish June 3. The owners are offering a guaranteed 10 million CHP for the wins of the various events.

The Crypto Poker Series is starting off with a 250 CHP Turbo, with unlimited rebuys. The guaranteed pot is 250,000 CHP. On that same day, is also a knockout tournament for 500 CHP, with a guaranteed 500k CHP pool. Each day will have two tournaments, with different buy-in levels, and different guaranteed winnings.

Many of the events will have 200,000 to 500,000 prize pools. The buy-ins are either 250, 500, 750, 1,000 or 1,500 CHP. There are a couple of the tournaments that have a higher buy-in, such as the Deepstack 2,500 CHP and the Super Knockout for 3,000 CHP buy-in.

The main event is 5,000 CHP buy-in with a bounty and 2,500,000 CHP guaranteed prize pool. It is the main event Tony G will be playing in. there is also a mini main event with 1,000,000 CHP for the prize pool. It has a 2,500-buy-in.

CoinPoker is happy to announce their tournament challenge and looks forward to seeing players sign up online.

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