CPPT Big Poker Oktober Event Gets a Winner

The Card Player Poker Tour (CPPT) Big Poker Oktober Main Event is a handful to spell. We call it the Big Oktober for short. And the event is neatly wrapped up now, having seen over 500 people flock to the casino to compete for a respectable overall price pool.

CPPT Big Poker Oktober Main Wraps Up

Down at The Bicycle Hotel & Casino, a few hundred people could be seen in the past few days. The 520-odd people had come to participate in the Card Player Poker Tour (CPPT)’s latest dedicated poker action. The CPPT Big Oktober Main Event has definitely attracted significant interest, amassing nearly $150,000 in total cash money.

A variety of players made it down to the event to try their luck, or as this is poker, compete in an intense, skill-based game. One of the names to show up and make a strong showing was Steve Jun whose poker history is rather modest to begin with.

Jun managed to blast his way clear through 500 people who had come with the same intention of tackling the summits of the tournament and elbow anyone who might stand in their way in the process. Well, it was Jun who actually made it in the end.

And speaking the truth, it was rather surprising, too, as Jun is an unknown name at tournaments, having almost never cashed out during live events, which suggests he has been doing a lot of grinding online.

Nothing indicated that he would make it to the finals either.

The Final Day and Final Table at CPPT

And so, the final day’s action kicked off with Jun sitting down to begin his steady climb to victory. He started out in the ninth position and started dislodging players in the process. There were 16 players to consider before entering the decisive leg of the event.

First to fall were Jordan Cristos and Mike Ekstandari who took home $7,355 and $7,615 respectively. With only a dozen players left, Jun had to face off Adam Geyer and the cards favored the future winner, allowing him to toss Geyer out of the competition.

By meticulously building his pot, Jun gave himself sufficient leeway to address the more serious challenge from Jim Collopy who also had quite the impressive stack, plus a bracelet from the 2013 WSOP Asia Pacific games.

Jun was unimpressed of the formal feats of his opponent and he acted as any good professional would – by taking him at his merits shown in the game so far. The Aces started coming Jun’s way though, perhaps a little too often than statistics would suggest.

Happily forging ahead, Jun continued to overcome one opponent after another, tossing Said El Harrak out of the race and consolidating his lead.

The final clash would come to Jun against Brandon Zuidema. After a short battle, Zuidema had to settle for the second place and $52,000 in cash money. And with this the Oktober Main came to a meaningful end.
A not too price for anyone who had managed to outpace nearly 525 opponents in a few days!

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