Covering 888Live Barcelona Tourney

888Live provided tour locations back in January to help poker fans keep up with their various tournaments. The latest to occur is 888live Barcelona, where Ana Marquez, and Lee Davy played.

Lee Davy and Ana Marquez sat down to a game during the 888Live Barcelona tournament. Ana held the title for Global Poker Index Spain #1. The two last saw each other at a table in 2013. It is also when Marquez left PokerStars as an ambassador. She was a wiz, topping the Spanish poker index charts, winning several events like the Hollywood Poker Open, and more. Then, it was like she disappeared. There was no news about what she was up to or why she wasn’t showing up at any of the poker tournaments.

In an earlier tournament, she appeared at 888Live Bucharest. For five years—nothing, then she is back at the tables, sitting in a crème dress, sipping a cocktail, and enjoying the game. Lee Davy hadn’t spoken to her since Red Spade, when they discussed her split with Poker Stars and a bit about life.

Lee Davy kept fans updated with Tweets throughout the game. Some of the questions asked of Marquez, include what she has been up to since she disappeared from the poker tables. She said she was playing a lot, took a bit of a break for a few years, and wanted to try to find a better balance.

She noticed in 2013, she was not enjoying the game like she had been. It was a burnout, with feeling tired when she would go to a tournament and she didn’t want to be there. Ana admitted she loves the game, so when she couldn’t drum up the fun it was a big warning that sometimes one needs a break from travelling, the stress one puts on oneself, and the toll it takes.

Ana admitted she would get frustrated trying to do her best, putting in all her effort, and not getting any play from the cards. To focus 100 percent on poker, Ana stated she was not taking care of herself. She wasn’t eating right, working out, or meditating. Life was only poker, and it was her soul focus. Now, she can use yoga, meditate, and paint, while enjoying some of the tournaments on her own terms.

Keeping Up with Summer Fun

Summer poker tournaments are off to a great start in Las Vegas for those who might find Nevada more convenient.

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