Courtois Continues to Plead with Chelsea for Real Madrid

Are you a fan of soccer? Do you remember Thibaut Courtois? Well, Mr. Courtois is the current goalie for Chelsea who is a thoughtful athlete and devoted professional. He now wants to leave the blues to join Real Madrid, but the team are reluctant to let go just yet.

Mr. Courtois’ agent has been pleading with Chelsea to let his client go and change teams. However, the team has one concern uppermost in their mind – how are they supposed to find a suitable replacement? It’s a good question and one that needs some answering indeed.

Courtois – Between Real Madrid and a Hard Place

With just one year on his contract, Mr. Courtois’ request has been a bit out of the blue, but his agent has elaborated that his client would really rather prefer to change teams for family reasons, and his insistence has been adamant. And so has Chelsea’s own resistance proven rather intransigent.

Christophe Henrotay has been talking to media, arguing that Chelsea’s public stance has been quite solid, but then again, his client is also nowhere near willing to stay at the team for the time being. Mr. Courtois wants to be near his family, Mr. Henrotay stated on more than one occasions, and he said that this decision was big.

Valued at over $35 million, Mr. Courtois will definitely make a good fit in Real Madrid and Mr. Henrotay urged Chelsea to be compassionate about the desire of their footballer to be closer to his family. Meanwhile, Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri said that he personally felt very strongly about keeping him part of the team.

Mr. Sarri though didn’t imply that he wanted to stop Mr. Courtois from leaving. Rather, he was expressing his hopes that he would remain on the team. Mr. Henrotay in the meanwhile has argued against the idea that his client was motivated by money, which he said was utterly untrue and not credible in the slightest.

Then again Mr. Henrotay is cognizant of the plain fact that Chelsea fans would be quite upset with their favorite goalie leaving the team so abruptly and imperilling any ambitions the team may have for next season.

The Moral Dilemma on the Cards

While Mr. Courtois is certainly entitled to more time with his family, he has also taken up responsibility, which is equally important in the eyes of many. However, there is a merit to his agent’s argument, too. With little under one year left on his contract, Chelsea can get a decent mark-up on his market value, which will in turn be fresh capital in the club and a sure way to add someone of worth to the team’s composition.

The negotiations will certainly continue, leaving little doubt in the minds of many that a clear-cut solution may be achieved. Rather, it’s likely to see things going more fraught by the day. If Mr. Courtois or Chelsea’s management can concede a compromise, that would be the best way to solve the issue.

Otherwise the times ahead will be rather choppy for all parties involved. Transfers are indeed an intricate issue.

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