CoD: BO4’s Competitive Mode Not Until December

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Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 arrived on Friday and we have since have sufficient opportunities to play the game. Everything about it screams perfection, but the studio has announced that we most likely won’t get League Play until December

Black Ops 4: A Tough World

If you have been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 that hit the shops on Friday, October 12, then you have been certainly among those individuals to really embrace the game and enjoy its easy learning curve, excellent mechanics, and quick-paced action gameplay.

However, Treyarch have just announced that League Play, which wasn’t available on launch day, may not come out until December, slightly ahead of the first competitive event for the game.

In a community post released on Reddit on Saturday, the studio talked about a number of the issues that they have been looking into. The length of the list didn’t suggest sloppiness on the part of Treyarch, but rather smart allocation of resource and the ability to spot a problem when there is one.

We’ve seen questions about when Ranked and League Play are coming to Black Ops 4. For more info, check out our blog post previewing our new World League Hub and the upcoming competitive season.

The list was quite extensive and covering every single issue the team had been able to identify over the short few hours after the release of the game.

Many of the Previous Issues Resolved

Meanwhile, Treyarch’s recent efforts have been rewarded by the community that cheered for the team. Having resolved the long list of previously identified problems ahead of the release was indeed a feather in the cap of Treyarch. Still, having asked their users to download a one-off 50 gigabyte update was rather surprising.

Meanwhile, another noteworthy issue on the present list was the bug that occurs with Search and Destroy custom games just end after the seventh round when players are simply disconnected. Another pressing bug was a situation in which players just couldn’t spawn into the game, leaving them as spectators, following the actions of other gamers.

For better or for worse, Xbox issues have been fixed insofar as performance was concerned, but the majority of people noticed a new sort of trouble with their PCs whereby the performance plummeted all out of a sudden.

Thankfully, all of these issues have been identified and Treyarch are taking active steps towards resolving them while keeping the community in the loop. This and more similar measures have been enacted to make sure that every bugbear on the list will be tackled.

Without competitive play, though, many people feel disappointed and the majority of professionals will have to start playing between themselves if they want to be in a top-notch form for the upcoming CWL on December 7.

For many aspiring teams this is also a chance to feature in the new CWL season, which will allow them to compete for the big money for the first time or at least consolidate their position as an established CoD team.

The beta blues haven’t completely upset fans, though, and viewership and the player base have been climbing up steadfastly.

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