City and United Are Still Separated by 12 Points

The English Premier League sees two rivals vying for the top spot. Manchester United are 12 points behind Manchester City as City beat Newcastle 3-1. United were winners are well as the team beat Burnley 1-0. Manchester United was fortunate that star striker Alexis Sanchez chose them over City as United need a quality striker to make up for the 12 point deficit. Manchester City has Sergio Aguero, who has been a magnificent striker. Although Sanchez was supposed to join City initially, he opted for Manchester United as the money offered by United was more.

Manchester United fans were injected with the hope that their team may reach the top spot in the league when Liverpool trashed City 4-3. Liverpool’s victory was City’s first defeat of the season. Aguerro scored a hat-trick against Newcastle United in the 3-1 match. The last hat-trick in the league was in 2015, also by Aguerro. Coincidently, Aguerro scored the hat-trick in 2015 against Newcastle.

Sergio Aguerro’s Performance

Aguerro’s had a slow start against Newcastle, as he had his first serious attack in the 34th minute when he passed the Newcastle defenders and headed the ball into the back of the net. Then, in the 63rd minute, Javier Manquillo was penalized for bringing down Raheem Sterling in the penalty box. Aguerro took the penalty and scored City’s second goal.

Jacob Murphy received a long ball from his defender, and he chased it toward City’s goal. He lifted the ball over oncoming Ederson to score Newcastle’s only goal for the match. Leroy Sane managed to elude the Newcastle defenders and sneak into the penalty box, where he passed the ball to Aguerro to score the hat-trick.

Manchester United’s chances of winning the league are bleak. The team is 50/1 odds in the gambling books and its performance is subpar. Romelu Lukaku was the only player to score in United’s clash against Burnley. In the 54th minute, Lukaku was assisted by teammate Anthony Martial to score. With the advent of Sanchez, Manchester United hopes to garner points to reach the top of the table. Sanchez will most likely be positioned on the left wing.

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