Chris Gayle Backs Deltin Poker Event

Daniel Negreanu always gains attention with his poker announcements, like stating how much he will spend to take part in various WSOP tournaments over the summer. Chris Gayle is a lesser-known name in poker, but may soon carry more weight. For those who enjoy Cricket, Gayle is a well-known name.

Chris Gayle is capable of running plenty of deliveries for his team helping them win tournaments like the Saturday game in the Indian Premier League.

In an announcement, Deltin Poker states Chris Gayle is going to help promote the next poker tournament. Gayle is a face many are starting to recognize from the Cricket field as he is a leading star in India. He plays for the Kings XI Punjab and is also willing to promote Deltin.

The Deltin Poker Tournament Colossus is going to happen in Goa. Gayle will be at the table during the game, playing and supporting the game. He is not the only person of late, from India, to start promoting poker for their country.

Chris Gayle is thirty-eight years old. He is initially from Kingston, Jamaica, but traded to an India team. His World Cup history is a double century after gaining 200 off 138 balls at the 2015 World Cup. He is one of two players that hit two twenty international hundreds, scoring against England. He may play for India, but when he is not working, he goes home to Jamaica and plays for fun with home teams.

Poker in India

Poker is not something that is legal in all parts of India. In recent news, an announcement to begin allowing specific types of poker in certain areas gained attention. Many people like playing poker through legal means, such as home led games, which is also helping to change the laws.

The Poker Sports League gained a new promoter this year. Viswanathan Anand who is a leading chess player joined the Poker Sports League. Vijender Singh, an Olympic boxer is also an ambassador for PokerBaazi. These endorsements are helping to bring more attention to poker in India. They are also a tremendous help in changing the laws and regulations that are outdated.

Regulations only allow games that are skilled just, and many in administrative positions continue to say poker is a game of chance with no skill involved. Gayle is an amateur poker player, without genuinely winning any big tournaments, but his clout as an athlete will bring attention to the game.

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