Charles Oakley Arrested in Las Vegas offer Gambling Fraud

Former New York Knicks ace Charles Oakley was arrested in a casino for attempted gambling fraud, regulators reported on Thursday. According to official sources, Mr Oakley was caught trying to adjust the sum of a wager he took well after the results were known. What followed was a brief meeting with security and police, and he was booked.

Charles Oakley, the memorable New York Knicks was arrested on Sunday at the Cosmopolitan casino resort located on the Las Vegas Strip. Mr Oakley’s arrest results from his suspected modification of a wager he made after the results were already announced. While the casino has said it would not comment on the experience of its customers, the regulatory authorities who released the news were just as laconic.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, it was a matter of “adding or reducing his wager,” but the name of the actual game and the outcome of his attempted and alleged fraud remain unknown. They are unlikely to be released to the public, too.

A Calm Closure

Nothing indicates that Mr Oakley is in hot water with the authorities, even if the theorized punishment for such an act is between 1 and 6 years in prison and a fine of $10,000. However, this legislation is clearly dated and the Cosmopolitan would clearly not like to be associated with a place where celebrities are being arrested and manhandled by the police.

With this in mind, on Thursday, Mr Oakley’s attorney, David Chesnoff, spoke to The Associated Press that he had been apprised of the case and was in the process of looking into the details. Mr Oakley is expected to appear in court on August 7.

However, a far more likely outcome is for Mr Oakley to agree and settle matters quietly through an intermediary. Even Mr Chesnoff doesn’t expect the matters to progress to a point where they have serious legal repercussions, as such matters rarely entail a felony charges unless the fraud is meticulously planned.

Mr Oakley has had brushes with the authorities before. In 2017 he had to leave the Madison Square Garden after he got into a spat with James Dolan, the team owner. Even though Mr Oakley alleged that Mr Dolan was the aggressor, that was never proved.

A Man with a Gambling Mind

Mr Oakley is not a frequent casino visitor, but he is known to have the occasional flair for a game of cards and roulette. Even then, swapping out the value of his original wager is rather difficult to pull and quite a few games allow any room for such matters.

It would be necessary for the croupier to be distracted purposefully and for the other people present at the table to be either privy to the ruse afoot or not interested in preventing it in the first place.

Mr Oakley’s behaviour is definitely not excusable, but the Cosmopolitan casino doesn’t seem inclined to pursue any legal recourse in the case any longer. Things will most likely clear up on August 7.

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