CEN Wants New European Standards for Gambling

Europe has long been caught in a spate of earth-shattering changes affecting the gaming industry. Anything that has to do with wagering, betting, and gambling will now be reconsidered, in a bid to create a standardized framework for the entire European Union.

Naessens to Take Charge of EU Gambling Network

If you’re Peter Naessens, then you have a tough job ahead of you. The European Union has long been trying to put its finger on a common standard for the future of gambling across Member States. However, the task has proven particularly difficult with Italy threatening an outright ban and the United Kingdom revving up the tax level, and well – leaving the union altogether.

However, the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) advisor Peter Naessens has been tasked to be at the helm of a new project that will be intended at creating a unifying standard for the entire gambling industry in the European Union. It’s a great idea and one that will be met with a lot of pushback, understandably.

However, Member States that are less likely to observe the rule of law, particularly to the East, will be obliged to pursue a common course of action and fall in line with the rest of the European Union.

The project that is planned is definitely of no small proportions. Approved and ordered by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), Europe is trying to bring all its operations under the same common standard. CEN has finally decided to do so for gambling, too.

CEN of course doesn’t want to conform everyone to the same rules on a whim. Rather, the Committee wants to ensure the same level of security and customers protection across the entire EU and seek to eradicate common problems such as money-laundering and of course, match fixing.

From Local to Global

As matters stand presently, regulators have a full control in their own jurisdictions. Each gambling commission can look into the particulars of the business, including revenue generated, paid taxes, and valuable information about customer behavior.

Now, CEN will seek to impose the same standards, meaning that local regulators will need to gather specific data and submit it to a centralized European body for audit. Naturally, the move will be voluntary at first, but it will very likely be imposed as an indelible rule further down the road. Still, Naessens has explained that there’s a lot to be done.

We will start from scratch, trying to find a good structure and scope of application, and after that will address the standard or set of standards itself – Naessens

In implementing the project, Naessens will very likely work closely with Mark Pace, who is the managing director of the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) for Europe. Meanwhile, Naessens will have a busy road ahead of him. Naessens definitely doesn’t lack the expertise addressing pressing issues that have to do with gambling directly and indirectly.

Rather than ostracizing gambling operators, however, the new initiatives intends to seek help from regulators, service providers and even bookmakers and casinos in order to build the sound basis for a vibrant and above all else – safe industry,

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