Celina Lin Talks China and Poker

Macau is the epicenter of gambling for Chinese, but plenty of pro poker players are from the mainland. Now it seems some poker pros are taking the stage and they hail from China. Celina Lin talks about her home country and how poker is viewed in her country. She is also forming a more solid relationship according to the rumors.

Celina Lin is engaged to Pro Randy Lew, according to news reports. In her own words, Celina said she didn’t exactly say “yes.” So, we will have to see if she follows through and marries co-pro poker boyfriend, Randy Lew.

Celina Lin interviewed after playing the European Poker Tour in Monte Carlo. She also enjoyed the SCOOP online. She plays both land-based and internet-based poker games. She enjoys going online and putting in some hours, but also said Monte Carlo is one of her favorite locations to play poker. Lin has had quite a bit of success in the last three years.

She touched briefly on her relationship with Randy Lew and how wonderful it is. As part of the team, she stated he carried the ambassador team in the National Event at the final table. Lin managed to get to a final table and get cash in three different events.

During the interview, she did confirm that Lew gave her a ring and they are no longer boyfriend-girlfriend, but an engaged couple. She stated she is not used to stating “fiancé” during the talk. They have a carefree attitude towards marriage, and they haven’t set a date yet. It is like one of those things you push back when life is about getting to another poker game.

The focus is mostly on the SCOOP, WSOP, and where one goes after each event. Lin said she is not the best poker player and it has taken quite a bit of money for her to try. She was married before and divorced because her ex didn’t understand her passion for the game. Lew is different and that is one of the things that makes an important marriage. He wants to be in the games just as much as she does, so it makes it easy to be poker players together.

Why Poker Ambassadors

Poker ambassadors are helping the world see poker is a game of skill, intuition , and calculations. Lin and Lew are both ambassadors who are helping make poker more prevalent in various people’s minds.

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